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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

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In all honesty I was really hyped up for this game since it was the sequel for Amnesia: The Dark Descent but it did not live up to the standard I had for the game.

There are a lot of things that are better then The Dark Descent, such as the graphics, setting, story, etc.... I do feel like these were good things but I feel the story was so heavy focused on you forgot about the GAMEPLAY.

I was thinking that this was going to be one of the scariest games out there but it does not come close at all. There are hardly any monsters to run from and you guys took away some of the key features of AMNESIA. Such as collecting oil and having to maintain that oil so you can keep using it. This game just lets you run unlimited lantern which made the game so much easier and less scary then what it should have been. Also the puzzles are so simple I feel like no one should have trouble with them, half of the stuff is right in front of you that it is nearly impossible to fail at any of them. Also why is darkness not a factor of fear anymore, I thought the bugs eating away at the brain was perfect but you guys also stripped that away in A Machine For Pigs. Also the AI need to be fixed, there were alot of times where I was standing 2 feet from them and they never tried to chase me.

I hardly feel like this is the sequel to the original let alone a horror game. I wanted to be terrified, I wanted to be constantly screaming, I wanted AMNESIA.... I can only hope you guys will realize your mistake and make it up with a DLC.

7/10 is actually really nice of me to give this game for a rating. I don't know about you but I am severely disappointed with this game.

If you want to watch The Ending or Part 1 the links will be below.

Part 1:




Game review

I think your game is pretty fun other then a few bugs that need to be fixed.

One of the bugs that is pretty big is when the host dies it usually messes up the game to where, the monster and humans can't see each other. I am not sure why this happens but it does. Also the game does crash occasionally I don't really know what reason it does.

Right now I rate this game and 8 but can change when the obvious bugs get fixed

I did a few videos though if you would like to watch them you are more then welcomed to :)



Game review

I COMPLETED IT :D (Link Down Below)

It was a pretty hard game to complete in my opinion. Though I am excited that I gave it another try :)

I realized the more I played it the creepier the game got, including the sounds, especially near the end of it.

There are alot of things that I like about this game one of which is that you don't always get the same note every time. I was actually surprised by how few I got were the same. It kinda made it feel new every time I played it again. Also how the map is, not trying to spoil anything really helps the replay value. Also the monster is unique, at least I haven't seen one similar to it.

I will be looking to future updates for this game, as of right now I rate out 9/10. I am willing to change it to a 10 depending on what you add to updated versions of the game :)

my completed playthrough



Game review - 1 agree

I told you guys I would beat and now here it is :D (link at the bottom)

I am glad you listened to the feedback it really made a difference. Especially with the brightness of the game. Now the thing I think you guys should work on is how slender looks

There is alot of ways that you can make slender look better in my opinion. One of which is just try to improve the graphics but that is not my real suggestion. Since this takes place in a different culture I thought that maybe changing slender's look would be an interesting take. Changing him to look similar to the manikins is my suggestion. I would keep how his body looks (tall and slender) but change his actual look to be more like the manikins in the game. The only reason why I am saying to change the look is because it takes place in a different setting/culture. Most cultures/locations have different looks in for gods, monsters, and creatures. It is just a thought though, but the slender ai at least needs a graphic makeover XD

my rate is 8/10 but it could go up in later versions

here is me getting all the pages


Pizza Delivery - Interactive Fiction

Game review

A good game to get scared from :)



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Stated my let's play of the game :) I didn't think your game was so long, it will be a 2 part for me thanks to editing XD But I did enjoy it to the point that I played the whole game in one sitting. I usually don't do that, unless the game is really good.

I thought your scares were pretty good especially the sounds which is what I mainly get scared of in general so I think your audio for your scares was perfect :) I won't spoil anything but I will post my let's play of the game.

Here it is :)


Bitterwood Peak

Mod review

I love when people take the time to make a good mod of amnesia :D


Amnesia The Untold

Mod review - 3 agree - 4 disagree

I tried playing it but personally it is way to slow for me to play. I understand you were trying to go for a story but I think you went for to much in my opinion. Also it is very confusing but it is possible to do the puzzles and such. I got to the sewer part but by then I kinda lost interest in the mod. I get the whole walking thing at the start but again I felt like it was way to long. Which is why I feel like I lost alot of interest in this mod. I personally need alot more scares at the start or something that makes the mod fun. I need the feeling of fear but it really wasn't there...

It was actually a good story and I can tell you put alot of effort for putting voice acting but my personal taste does not like it. I am sorry but that is just my opinion. The thing this mod lacks in my opinion is grabbing the people from the start.

5/10 is my review


ILLUSION - Ghost Killer

Game review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

Personally I thought it was fun to play but the drawbacks of the game really comes from the popping up behind you and instantly hitting the player. Also it should have followed more of the creepypasta of Jeff the killer.


Mental Memorial a Full Conversion mod "Updated"

Mod review - 2 agree - 2 disagree

I honestly like this mod more then most mods that I play. It really gives a new feel for the game since its not so similar looking to how amnesia actually is.

Also the scares are pretty good in my opinion :) There are jump scares but I enjoy jump scares, there are also other ones so its not just one type of scare.

I am looking forward to your future mods :)

If you wish to see me play your mod here is a link

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