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It's a great MP mod, it was native MP should be like. Iv been playing the mod for roughly 3 years.

Its a bit difficult for new people but there are a lot of members around willing to help you out.
Very social community and probably one of the bigger communities in MB mod world.

Very active developers and admins.


Full Invasion 2

Mod review

Its not the prettiest of mods, its not the most creative of mods, most of its content isn't its own. Yet the content it got is mostly good, there is a big variety and lots of options in factions to play as and against. There is also tons of maps to play on.
All in all, its still a fun mod to play with your friends


A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)

Mod review - 1 agree

Great mod, really good looking. Lacks balance, why would The North only get pikemen? Why are some factions specialized? Would be better if they where more even, it would open up the game so you can play the way you want to...
I dont find it to much fun since you can only play Lanisters if you want an army with good melee...
This mod is good cause it looks good.


Star Wars - Bear Force II

Mod review - 7 agree - 1 disagree

Its really nice for a Beta, the lightsaber animations are a bit clunky/slow. The models are really nice. Good sound effects. I started playing yesterday and after seeing that it had around 200+ players 22:00 (GMT +1 for me) i believe that it got good potential :)


Invasion 1944

Mod review

The best Arma mod, i have had tones of fun with my clan playing around on this nad i hope you will make a Arma 3 mod <3


Rome At War2

Mod review - 5 agree - 8 disagree

(old review) looks good, some good looking armour, awful weapon balance.... the spears are like harpoons and the swords are slow like snails

Edit (new review version 2.4 - 2.5): I have played the newer versions of it (the 2 last versions to be exact)
The balancing have been fixed to some degree.
The last version (2.4 i believe) had good melee, used animations from another mod I believe. However in 2.5 new animations got added. Some of them (especially the shield block animation) are quite bad. Balance with weapons is not much of an issue any longer.

However, mod is mostly about looks, rating changed from 3 to 6 since the changes are quite drastic since the time i made the review. Only events I have been to are NA events where the admin (of the event) was kind enough to balance the teams NA vs EU so EU lost every single time.... much fun.


Project Reality: ARMA 2

Mod review

Project Reality: Battlefield 2

Mod review

Really good mod, only thing that makes me want to play BF2 again. Good community and hell of a good dev team :) Waiting for the awesome looking 1.0 patch

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