Elfscape is an epic Metroidvania (2D platformer with RPG elements) which takes place in the underground of a Flying island. Meet the elven prince Jushur Eanatum and fight by his side against the demon Rabisu. But be prepared to get hurt – Rabisu is a cruel and merciless warrior. Elfscape is inspired by ancient Mesopotamian civilizations.

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Who are the Unworthy?

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A wise ruler sees his folk like his own children. Children unable to live without his fatherly guidance, following him beyond death.

Deep in the caves under the city live the Unworthy. They spend their whole lives worshipping the cult of the Elf, the Noble Beast Lahmu and the First High Priest.

No light reaches the underground so only the prayers determine morning and night. Prophecy foretold that one day, the Elf will descend to the underground and, with the Unworthy by his side, lead a victorious war against the demon.

Not too many of them realise what the word „war“ really means.


Adventures in Elfscape

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Elfscape consists of 18 quests, including 8 big and epic ones.

Every quest tells a story of a specific character and their relation to Jushur, the elven prince. In the side quests, you will accompany Jushur to various situations – whether he’s celebrating a wedding, being a hairstyle consultant, teaching children how to write, or listening to local fool’s poems.

In the main quests, Jushur is searching for a way to defeat the demon. You’ll try to kill the demon’s servants and they will try to kill you. Dive into Jushur’s story and meet interesting characters, such as elven princess or your enemies from the old times. You’ll be worshipped and you’ll mourn the deaths of your friends.

And moreover, you can just run around the world as you like and discover new territories. Have fun - pick some plants, kill some beasts - and use gathered materials later to create ammunition, armour and potions.



Elfscape Blog

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Rabisu! Make a deal with me!

Have you ever felt that your RPG character is an almighty god with so much power, that it became quite boring? Well, elven prince Jushur Eanatum feels like this his whole life. In the Elfscape world, elves are absolutist rulers – no wonder, they’re smarter, stronger and they live longer... And the Gods want it that way.

Bored elven prince

However, when elf Jushur Eanatum gets poisoned by his own servants, he finds himself standing at the gate to the afterlife. Jushur fears entering the gate so he makes a deal with a curious creature named Rabisu – granting him one more chance for life in exchange for a promise to serve Rabisu after his final death. Unfortunately, Rabisu never specified the length of that promised life.

And so it happens, the first thing Jushur sees when he wakes up is demon Rabisu who came to claim his soul. Jushur runs from the demon and tries to hide in the caves under the city…

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