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Csatádi's Visual and Historical Mod

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The best WFaS overhaul mod



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The current version is already very promising and I look forward to what future development will offer.


The setting is great and gives you an interesting time frame and location to play with. The political situation surrounding the delicate politics of the Italian city states and the surrounding nations allows you to participate in many interesting conflicts and fight in armies of several interesting cultures from the Ottomans in the Balkan region to French or HRE troops.


Renaissance really shines in this aspect as the mod includes a whole lot of great looking items such as early handcannons, Gothic Armours and lances/banners with animated effects. From my experience so far the items are well balanced and most of them are also of high quality.


This part of the mod is the one where my feelings are mixed the most. I love the idea of seperated troop trees for village, city and noble recruits and I think it should be the standard for every M&B type of mod or game. It just doesn't make any sense to recruit a peasant in some rural village and be able to train him into a knight with a few clicks.
The troop trees are very nicely fleshed out for each of the 15(!) factions. The major downfall in my opinion is the extremely fast progression from peasants to professional soldiers. I know that the age the mod is set in marks the beginning of mercenary armies and professional soldiers but these were known to be very expensive. In the mod you can hire the second level of the town recruit troop the for 25 denars which usually already comes with 40+ armor and two-handed swords. Also village recruits turn into professional soldiers for 10 denars after fighting one band of looters. In my opinion the progression would be much more rewarding if the 2nd and 3rd tier of the recruits would still be somewhat ****** and turning your recruits into professional fully armed soldiers should be a very expensive process. This time period was all about mercenaries and wealth, so having good troops should be expensive and force you to become rich before you can field your private army. This is most certainly a matter of personal taste though.


The author states that the uploaded version is final but I hope that the high popularity and good ratings the mod achieved so far might give him back the passion that he felt when he started this enormous and very well executed project. For the most part the mod is well polished and very enjoyable. I would certainly recommend anyone to try this very professionally created mod. Have fun!


A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)

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This mod is an incredible work of art. It felt polished like 5 versions ago and continues to improve and amaze me with every version. Everything is of superb quality and the attention to detail and the immersion are unrivaled


Nova Aetas

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War Realism Mod

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Really big improvment to GSM.
Love the new sounds and the enhanced infantry combat!
But there are a few things I would love to see improved:
- I would lower the ranges of tanks and artillery to something like 800 /1000 or even make the ranges depend on the caliber. Of course a range of 2500 is more realistic for most tanks but this doesnt work well on most maps.
- If it is possible I would increase the range at which infantry opens fire because right now you have to manually issue them attack orders otherwise they will only engage at vanilla ranges


Red Rising Modification

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This is a huge compilation of modern 70s-2010 era stuff. It's enourmous and covers almost all of the conflicts from the yugoslavian war to modern middle eastern conflicts. It could use a few more middle eastern factions like iraq or syria and it definitely is not bug free, which is understandable due to the sheer amount of stuff added. If some bugs are fixed, the balance gets a little better and maybe firearms do a little more damage, than i am very very pleased with this mod. Its worth it, you can jsut use it as a huge sandbox


Invasion 1944

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DarthMod Empire

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Totaler Krieg: 1939-45

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