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The title says it all. But, first of all, what is
Raidcall? Simply put, it's an easy-to-use voice chat application that's similar
to TeamSpeak and Ventrilo, only it has several major differences:

1. A free account gets you access to any Raidcall
server and grants you the ability to host a single server that can be
customized, password-protected, and can host at least 30 people. The server
capacity would be increase if you click the invite link. That means it would be
31 if you invite 1 friend to your server, and 32 for 2 friends etc.

2. Servers are hosted by Raidcall, not you, so the
server stays up as long as you want/need, and can quickly be taken down if

3. The bandwidth requirements are so ridiculously
low - that you can literally have professional-quality voice over dial-up!

4. It also has a powerful Overlay that allows
Raidcall to be used within any game. That means you can read walkthroughs or
watch movies without having to log out of your favorite game to do so.

5. Raidcall has connected a powerful Social Network
that allows you to meet new friends and search for them as well.

6. People who want to join your voice server only
need to know its channel number (like "55421") in order to join
instead of needing to know its IP address.

The differences of chat programs are so different
in the way the it's used and if its for any other type of games than Raidcall
is your main program. Also I have been using it for some time and there is no
problem at all...

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