Dysotek is an Italian company specialized in the provision of 2D and 3D games for: PC Windows, iOS, Android, J2ME, HTML5, Flash.

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Deadly Walkers is on IndieDB!

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Deadly Walkers is landed on IndieDB!

We need your help to make a great zombie game, every kind of suggestion will be very important for us.

Help us to increase the Deadly Walkers popularity on IndieDB: leave a feedback, track the game, add us to your friend list, share the page on your FB profile, retweet the Deadly Walkers news on Twitter.

Thanks to all and be careful... our zombies are coming to eat you!!

The beach marbles game is available on App Store

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Cheecoting is our new summer game released for iOS (in universal version), published by Calabughi.
It allows to play, with a stunning 3D graphics, at the beach marbles game.
It will be soon available the Android version on Google Play.

Tomato Crush is free on App Store and Indievania!

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Our game Tomato Crush is available free on App Store (iOS) and Indievania (PC)!
Tomato Crush is a fun bumper car game that places you in an arena for a free-for-all battle with Ninja, Samurai, Sioux and Wrestler tomatoes.
The game is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and PC.

Pallino d'Oro 2012 Released on Desura

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Pallino d'Oro 2012, the bowls PC game developed by our company, has been released on Desura!
The game allows to play, with a stunning 3D graphics, the famous Italian tournament of the "Pallino d'Oro".
Pallino d'Oro 2012 is the First game ever of the Raffa bowls specialty.
You can buy it for EUR 19.99 / USD 24.99

Dysotek Group

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Hi gamers!

Our company group is now on Indie DB!

Stay tuned friends... we will update regularly the Dysotek group with news, game released, images and videos.

Hi Gamers! :-)

dysotek Blog

Hi all!

I am Francesco Calvi, the owner of the Dysotek company.

My Italian company is specialized in the provision of videogames, in 2D and 3D, for: PC, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, J2ME, HTML5, Facebook, Flash.

I am very happy to join this great community and to talk with expert gamers and game developers.


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