I am a Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek fan who likes RTS games. I also think the CIS droid army is cool,I prefer the B1 voices in Episodes One and Two. But the ones in TCW are Still pretty good. I also like the Empire,(stromtroopers and AT-AT, plus Star Destroyers are cool), I don't care for the Death Star though. I like the Jedi as well, I don't like the Sith.

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Hello, I am new Moddb so I don't know much about the site. I am a Star Wars fan, I really like playing Empire at War and Galactic Battlegrounds. I really like the Republic at War Mod,(I downloaded it before I made this account), I am also a Battle droid fan. Maybe one of the reasons, I choose to play as the CIS in the Mod. Is that I think the droid army is cool, in the Star Wars The Clone Wars show battle droids were used by the Republic for a stealth mission. For the Galactic Civil War I would side with the Alliance to Restore the Republic, fighting the Empire. For the Clone Wars maybe the CIS or Republic, hard to choose though,

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