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Kairo walkthrough

MonZombo Blog

Full walkthrough of the little indie first person puzzle game on alpha stage you can find here:

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Retro Trigger update: level one early work in progress(featuring new HUD!)

MonZombo Blog

Things are looking pretty good so far!

EDIT: Updated the HUD, looks much cleaner now, while maintaining its style!
updated hud

Game update #2: Now called Retro Trigger!

MonZombo Blog

Yay! so much progress in such a short period of time... this begins to look like a proper game!
A proper game with A NAME!

Unnamed Raycasting game Update #1

MonZombo Blog 1 comment

New weapons and textures, looking good!

(pictures)Making an unnamed game with raycasting game engine

MonZombo Blog

So some months ago i saw some pictures of an indie game called Gun Godz, which look really smooth and nice, and i've always wanted to make a doom/wolf3d-style game, but i don't know anything about coding... So i'm using the raycasting game maker, which is VERY limited but oh well...

Here's a pic of what i've done so far. It's just a gun i made in less than an hour, lol. I don't think it looks bad, but it doesn't look quite as nice as i'd like:

Here's a pic of Gun Godz Gun Godz pic

video Review: Nitronic Rush

MonZombo Blog

Bad quality on the first audio clips... still, i think it's a pretty decent review.

Process Walkthrough (Get it on Desura for free!)

MonZombo Blog

Here it is, for you to watch, for you to enjoy, for you to laugh at me. You can get it here, , i really don't know what you're waiting for. It's free, dumbass!

Video: BeGone Review (Free browser based online FPS)

MonZombo Blog

As promised, here's another video, this time a review of a free unity engine based online first person shooting browser game, or a FUEBOFPSBG, if you will.

Oh, and i didn't mention it in the video, but you don't need to register or anything, which is good.

My first set of videos: Q.U.B.E Walkthrough

MonZombo Blog

So i just realized blog entries are on the main community page of Desura, and that's a nice way to get some views on my videos, so even though they're 10 days old, i'll post them now. Fear not, i will make a new entry for all of my other videos, which are about 4 more. You may call it spam, i call it advertising.

So here's the playlist with 7 videos, each one for each sector of the game.

And as a bonus, a guide to the "Find the developers" Easter egg/achievement:

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