The new clan of mine is up I'm not much of a leader but anyways Check out the chats I put out so on so forth I'm pro at stealth heavy sniper especially mdic fields and for avp aliens I'm on my iPad at and to 9:00pm to a rare ever 4:00 am or I'm on up to 12:00 I'm on my comp on weekends alt and weekday times are 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm thx for readin this :3

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Im making a clan and any wh wan a join can I'm makin. A clan deputy which i pick I'm a good friend of Herr alien I love the number 17 I'm a she cat with a red tail and am a turle shell cat with only red black and brown I make all the photos I have on and pm me if you want me to draw you an animal anytime. If you need me pm me I'm good for beginner drawings to help with that I love halloween and stuff my favorite chocolate is Hershey's cookies and cream so chocolate is poison for dogs..... But not cats..... I love coca cola I'm making a clan called shadowblaze clan

I also seek revenge on tiger blaze who had the nerve to kill my sister shiverclaw say he was attacked by badgers then shiverclaw quote 'found him' started for camp then being attacked by a shadow clan patrol and he escaped but she died. I found out he lied he was exiled out. The rest is classified!

Oh if you want a ninja cat hide behind a corner wit ur cat at the end of da hall then put something he'll chase stick it around the corner then pull it in stick it back around the corner the cat will not move at all and have a vid camera in so u see wat happens hes like a ninja u look each time hes not moving but closer i swear it works

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The cat ninja thing is true I swear

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