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Mass Effect: Unification

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Absolutely stunning work.
Everything you can think of to put in a mod for SWBFII was put into this mod right here.
The new shell (icons, buttons, menu screens and the like) look great artistically, and I fell in love with the mod right there, and it just kept getting better.
Gameplay felt different than the traditional game (in the greatest way possible) with the addition of forced 3rd person, improved 3rd person camera angles, and well tuned unit stats.
The maps are all incredibly well done with a attention to even the smallest details, I didn't notice a single misplaced prop.
Sound work was fantastic, no missing weapon sounds, and each time I fired a shot it reminded me of my first playthrough of ME itself.
Overall, it's a great experience and deserves an 11/10, but I can't do that here. Great work Marth and co.

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