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Dra6o0n @ News and Updates About Various Games

At least you got development going...

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Dra6o0n @ Project: Oh Wow an RPG Game

RPG Maker games have bugs?

Oh they meant glitches as the game is functioning properly, just the triggers not properly set so it's a glitch.

If a game like this had bugs, you'd have two types, exceptions and errors, which the latter will tell you when the game crashes.

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Dra6o0n @ Project: Oh Wow an RPG Game

And what's with the increase in 'developers' making games and can't check spelling or grammar on their description? It's less professional than real indies.

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Dra6o0n @ Project: Oh Wow an RPG Game

Bah, a game made out of RPG Maker is being sold for money? WTF?

Also, RPG maker engine actually derived from a mirage source engine way back then, which was a mmo maker engine.

I can tell this is a MS based game because of the graphics and the top down graphics that many would relate to RPG maker.

Shouldn't sell a game that's based on a RPG Maker engine though, there might be rules or terms of use in it on licensing.

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Dra6o0n @ No More Room in Hell

Source engine always gets mucked up whenever the SDK updates...
Maybe in the later future you can move the contents to a more stable and faster language or engine that's more versatile...

There's way more engines and open sourced libraries now than before.

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Dra6o0n @ Modular Combat

Lol I can't believe you guys are still around.

I'm not really into modding groups anymore because I've been helping my friend with his indie mmo development a bit.

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Dra6o0n @ Crawle

Hey Sekaru! Found you!

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Dra6o0n @ Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Usually most FPS melee games uses fixed animations and I wonder if we can get PS Move quality hack and slash games into PC gaming...

Because most fps slashing games I notice uses a combination of keyboard and mouse to direct a slash, but if you can separate them so you can move and slash in a direction at the same time, it will work out better.

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Dra6o0n @ Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

I wonder how FPS hack and slash game with focus on 'slash' hit zones will function if you want to focus on the actual swings?

I kinda came up with a idea on how to incorporate a full keyboard and mouse with a first person close quarters combat properly...

WASD = Normal FPS movement... But!

Mouse is constantly a cursor on the screen, like using a PS Move or a Wii!

Holding left click will take control of your weapon, like a sword, and moving it while the button is held can slash, but it has to be kept realistically so your attacks will only be used when timed properly. A gauge to tell you the cooldown between slashes can do, because you don't want people swinging the mouse cursor around the screen like crazy.

With a few tweaks that idea can fully integrate the mouse as a way to look and fight in a fps.

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Dra6o0n @ IOTY Players Choice - Upcoming

Overgrowth is definitely 1st, mainly because of the pace of development and release of update videos, that the team constantly explain their technology and motivates people into learning something actually helpful in game development...

Overgrowth is filled with technology that really interests me, because they constantly try new stuff to both optimize and improve the game...

Like that polygon 'adjusting' tech that lowers resource use while keeping it's look at long distance, and that 'sprite' swapper when a model is too far away, to save rendering.

Most especially is that latter technology, because not everyone's 3D game has them using 2d sprites for long distance 3d objects...

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Dra6o0n @ Creation Kit Coming in January 2012

No, it's not a brand new engine, but the way Bethesda worded out their 'new game engine' is that it wasn't made from scratch.

You can take a old bike and fix it up, and sell it to someone saying It's good as new now.

This is why the game is still very very very buggy, because Bethesda didn't just rewind and re-programmed their engine, they also failed to debug it because Bethesda never EVER debug their stuff properly before selling it.

This is why major conflicting bugs occurs, because their engine has bugs, that attempting to program content of the game on it, causes more bugs. You must have a near perfect game engine, before you start working on the game itself, so bugs that occur, may not be from the game engine themselves.

It's like using a scratched CD to burn your game on it, and hope that it doesn't glitch... And then sell it to people.

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Dra6o0n @ New Overgrowth a159 video devlog

Revenge of the Rabbits

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Dra6o0n @ The Mortewood Plaza - Dead?

It's not dead, it's a "walking dead".

It's not dead, because he wouldn't and couldn't and won't be able to pull the trigger at it.

So he just shot the chains that bounds it, and let it wander around while he leaves his humble abode for the great realm called life!

Oh, it's still not dead, cause he'll be back... To finish it off...

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Dra6o0n @ Diablo 3 not supporting mods

You guys do realize that market systems or RMT, is stupid when it comes to games like these, because it will only invite gold farmers and the likely botting program to farm items off the game.

Blizzard is obviously wanting a piece of the RMT or microtransaction cake that's apparent in the game industry.

Even if you can't mod the game, you can hack it.

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Dra6o0n @ No More Room in Hell

I REALLY wonder how long until HL2 modding dies out... It's really weird to see them now for some reason...

EYE Divine Cybermancy was one of those games that seems good until it starts feeling like a HL2 mod...

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Dra6o0n @ E.Y.E release

People bugging themselves over piracy again?

It's a fact that piracy doesn't causes losses in the publisher and developer's money, even if they do claim it causes them to lose profit.

It's just math:

If you have a budget of $1000.
You make a game that costs $50.
Sold 10 games and had 3 pirated.
Profit of $500 dollars and claims loss of $150 in profit.

Which I find stupid sometimes because they say this, and isn't losing any money in reality.

It's a +500, not a -150.

Piracy is so minor that a devs would always make a income no matter how much people pirate it. Thus the zero cost piracy thing.

Even if you think ™.9 of people pirated the game, that ™.9 of people can STILL buy the game.

So in this case, to eliminate the illusion on piracy:
Piracy =/= Lost of customer or money.

They still make a profit no matter what if they can publish it.

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Dra6o0n @ E.Y.E release

You guys notice all of the menus and interface is VERY clunky right?

You can't close the windows just as easily, thus you will often die while hacking because the damn window doesn't close up.

Who the HELL designed that menu interface anyways???

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Dra6o0n @ E.Y.E release

The game is buggy, has some issues with interface, and get this... Released 3 months early.

Multiplayer is worst with all those problems occuring, and I find that the leveling and skill mechanics makes this game very poor compared to other FPS/RPG types...

It feels too bland, like a Half Life 2 Shooter with a RPG mod added onto it... Other than higher graphics thrown ontop of it, I don't see much difference from the devs moving away from the half life 2 resources... Footsteps and such sfx were reused constantly...

The devs were Frenchmen so in a way things are a little bit... Off...

Map design are too repetitive and annoying...

The amount of contents is almost fair, for a 19.99 price mark, but I personally think their content reached a 14.99 (off by 25%) mark...

The selection of weaponry to use is rather small, and the way to use the weapons is very very obsolete...

Just go heavy armor with a powerful sniper rifle, or Assault rifle, and you can kill things more easily...

You die way more often trying to do stealth and such it seems...
It IS NOT a open world.

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Dra6o0n @ Overgrowth Art Asset Overview Video

You can stick a basket into a attacker's sword to prevent him from using it properly (or even swing it properly).

You can't do this with wood, stone, branches, etc... Just crafted fabrics and such.

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Dra6o0n @ Desert Zombie: Last Stand

The only problem I see in creating game development for a mobile device is that controls always suffers for it in the long run unless you are creative enough to use it...

A third person shooter that has similar to joystick or keyboard and mouse will suffer somewhat because you will be limited in those touch screen interfaces in mid battle...

The best solution is probably converting it from a TPS to a Third person strategy.

Think Fallout, with movement and stuff decided by environments...

It is a neat idea since players will be required to plan things out, but the "fast pace" gameplay will be compromised.

Maybe adding some context sensitive buttons for zombie events would be handy?

Like Resident Evil 5's way of limiting controls so the gameplay becomes challenging in it's own way.

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Dra6o0n @ Independent Paranormal Research Trailer

Games like these needs the graphics and effects to be on par with Amnesia Dark Descent else you won't have the same fear and adventure factor.

But yeah you need to be very creative when creating a dynamic paranormal game, since there's not a ton you can do in a first person game in terms of functionality.

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Dra6o0n @ New Overgrowth a140 video devlog


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Dra6o0n @ No mod support for Battlefield 3

People should STFU about modding and whining about modding, and start making a indie!

Really? Being a pro in modding? That's not really professionalism, that's just work. If you want to aim to be a pro, you break out of modding and ACTUALLY create a indie game.

Modding basically gets you nowhere unless you go indie or work for a game company... In fact that's your only two choices other than non-gaming routes.

So don't start on mod this and mod that. Without indies or games in general, you guys won't have mods at all!

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Dra6o0n @ Europe In Ruins: Reinforcements

Take Tales of Valour features and add direct fire into it for tanks, maybe as a upgrade for special tanks and have them be controlled as a "tank hero" for your team.

Maybe you can't take a squad of infantry with that tank hero, and the tank hero takes the entire slot to enter combat.

Maybe limit the max number of population in the game to that of each unit's cost...

So a Tank Hero would cost way more population than a squad of units, but it comes with a greater responsibility and control since these heroes can turn the tide of war.

Tank Aces maybe? Calling them heroes sounds weird.

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Dra6o0n @ Modular Combat

The site went down.

And I still think the duo leveling system is a pretty neat idea for balancing purposes...

Generally, a unlocking system, and a suit leveling system for using things...

Suit level runs on energy, and ability use is based on delays and cooldowns rather than energy use.

Dying makes you lose all your energy and other players can loot partial amounts of your energy since you'll drop batteries on death.

Tanks won't be entirely immortal then... Things like Attack and Defense modifiers needs to be altered so it's not pure buffs. They'd be applied to specific attacks most likely

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Dra6o0n @ New Overgrowth Art Asset Video (including a bonus timelapse)

I would suggest adding a "vaulting" function to the movement system so if you run towards a small fence or something you automatically climb over it and continue on... Maybe for things like chases?

Well the thing basically automates almost all movements like in Assassin's Creed so it might not be a great idea to do this fully... But in general it makes movements flow seamlessly.

Maybe if there's 3 props aligned close together but with spacing, and your running over these spaces, the character will carefully run over them if he's at high speed, without tripping on them, but if you were to start off walking off one, you'll fall over them.

_1 __ . __ . __ 2_

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Dra6o0n @ New Overgrowth a134 video devlog

Advanced Parkour and Climbing FTW! It would be awesome if wolfire goes beyond Assassin's Creed's climbing system and made something awesome!

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Dra6o0n @ Modular Combat: The Countdown 1/5

Not really, once you level up several times and built the good class, there's no penalty to keeping them and thus you can exploit them over lower player levels.

Revamping the leveling system so it's faster, but there is two things to consider:

Player Level, basically permanent to the character, and unlocks modules and abilities.

Suit Level, it resets every time you die in the game, and Suit Level determines what you can or cannot use in module tiers if you keep dying...

And then, combine then. Player Levels allows you to buy and unlock more modules, but you need to fit the requirements in Suit Levels to use them, meaning the better the module, the better you need to play and live to use them, else dying will reset your level to 1 (or you lose 1 suit level on death).

Maybe Module Level would make sense, it is Modular Combat after all.

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Dra6o0n @ Hanging on a hook blade

No I think it helps him scale unscalable places like tiny holes in the walls etc.

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Dra6o0n @ How can we lower game piracy?

The thing is, people don't care what you think is good or wrong on the stance of piracy. They never do, and never will.

And the price is a huge matter, regardless if its a luxury or not.

If you develop a game in a poor population, I really doubt you get anywhere by pricing it in a $40 range.

Gaming is not a luxury, if that's so, why the heck do we eat fancy food outside at restaurants and not cook at home so often? Why do we buy expensive stuff that's what you claim to be a luxury, even when we know it's not needed.

It's not luxury, it's simple greed.

It's like every single humans are stupid to the point that they don't realize their own human nature is causing them to do most of the actions they deem bad.

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