Building the New World Wolf in UDK. The views and pontificates expressed in this blog are that of my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Red Wolf Recovery Program, or the Red Wolf Coalition chair. It is a personal dev blog.

My name is Justin. I enjoy working with UDK and Blender. Games I like are the GoW series, Kameo:Elements of Power, Viva Pinata, UT, Bioshock series, Epic Mickey, Zelda games, Luigi's Mansion, Mario, Wii games...

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Hello World

TheLovelyRealm Blog

Hi, my name is Justin and I am starting a new project. I have built a few games in the past and embark here on a new, short, but necessary project.

My past work have been Clyde Hopper: Outlands...

And Clyde Hopper's Trajectory...

Admittedly I am no programmer, and I am happy to be working within a game engine again, Unreal 3, UDK.

The project I take on is one I feel is important and necessary.

Currently there is on only one small area of the world, the Albermarle Peninsula of North Carolina that is home to approximately 110 red wolves.

Few people even know of red wolves, that there was a south eastern US wolf. It was hunted to extinction in the few centuries Europeans settled the New World.

14 remaining red wolves were captured from the wild and bred in captivity, reintroduced to the eastern peninsula of North Carolina's Alligator River.

This project, and a good bit of what this blog will consist of is that of the red wolf, the New World Wolf, as the project's (working) title will be. The game will be entirely free and formatted to UDK packaging...PC...iphone/ipad mobile...

I hope to have this project in completion by summer 2015, and I hope you will follow along.

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