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Anketiran is a land which has a long history, there are many countries in 14th Century here. This situation has been changed since 23th Century, the Anketiran Empire destroyed all the other countries and rule the whole land.

The huge imperial system also brings many problems, in order to maintain the management of the huge empire, the empire had to build a huge army and bureaucracy to rule. Not only that, the empire also fought with another power, the Kreis Empire, for many years. Years of war brought down the empire’s economy. The economic crisis swept across the country. The northern empire’s important town, Salt Lake City, took the lead in launching the revolution. The Communists and Socialists lead the huge uprising occupied Salt Lake City against the rule of the empire.

The western part of the empire is also full of crises, and the herders complained amidst the brutal recruitment of local officials. Under the leadership of Professor Ballados, the Revolutionaries were ready to move and conspired the uprising.

At this time, as the southern region that suffered the most from the economic crisis, the wave of revolution is increasing.

At the same time, a Russian ship ran aground on the southern coast in a storm, and the Russian Malakoff came to the imperial jurisdiction.

By chance, Malakoff met with Vanya, the leader of the Southern Revolutionary Party. Malakoff introduced Vanya to the situation of the Russian Revolution and spread Soviet ideas to the Revolutionaries. It was the first time the revolutionaries came into contact with communism. Under Malakoff's guidance, the revolutionary party established their own communist club and actively mobilized the employee class, always preparing for an uprising.

Just when Malakoff was about to set off to return to Russia, the ship he was on was detected by an imperial submarine and sunk. Malakoff and the passengers on the ship died. Afterwards, the Empire declared that it was a "mistake." The captain of the submarine involved was executed.

The Revolutionaries thought this was intentional by the Empire, so they used propaganda methods to attack the Empire. Soon people gathered in the Empire Square to demand the Empire to announce the truth, but they were suppressed by the Empire's military and police forces.

Although Malakoff was dead, his communism and Soviet theory deeply influenced the Southern Revolutionaries.

Soon, the Southern Revolutionaries took advantage of the submarine incident. The Workers’ Red Guards first started the revolution and occupied vital departments such as the police station and television station. The panicked imperial commander dispatched troops from outside the city to quell the rebellion. In response to the dissatisfaction of the citizens, the Revolutionaries took the opportunity to encourage the citizens to revolt, so the citizens also joined the Workers' Red Guards, and the power of the revolution grew stronger.

The National Guard, composed of the Workers' Red Guards and citizens, fought fiercely with the imperial army, but was suppressed by the imperial army. The remaining revolutionaries fled the city. Thousands of people were arrested. The vigorous revolution failed.

But the Southern Revolutionaries did not give up, and at this time a revolution led by Professor Ballados took place in Barryland, the western territory of the empire.

Therefore, the Revolutionaries instigated another uprising in Kuran City. This time the Revolutionaries successfully captured Kuran City and formed a revolutionary army. The Revolutionaries issued a message to the whole country to conquer the empire. The content is as follows:

“Citizens, workers, comrades, the empire has revealed its ugly true colors. It is not worthy to rule us. We should establish our own rule. We Southern Revolutionaries are here to challenge the empire! Challenge its unfair rule! Get up, let's smash this old rule together and build a brand new country.”

This essay and the actions of the Southern Revolutionaries greatly inspired the revolutionary patriots throughout the country. They went forward and succeeded, laying a solid foundation for the ultimate victory of the revolution.

Even so, the revolution was not all smooth sailing. The revolutionary city in the north-Salt Lake City was surrounded by the Imperial Army. The People's Revolutionary Army of Barryland was defeated by the Imperial Army under Barryland and retreated to the pasture area.

The revolutionary situation in Kuran City is not optimistic. The Imperial Army launched several attacks on Kuran City and used explosives to blast the city. The revolutionary army suffered heavy losses.

In order to preserve the revolutionary power, the Southern Revolutionaries withdrew from Kuran City, and the second revolution failed.

Subsequently, the Southern Revolutionaries planned revolutions in several other cities-Burke City and Ulan City, but failed one after another.

At this time, the Southern Revolutionaries held a meeting again. The meeting unanimously agreed that the empire’s economy was on the verge of collapse. Therefore, as long as the empire was continuously revolutionized, then sooner or later, the empire would completely collapse. The situation will be greatly favorable.

Sure enough, after the Revolutionaries launched more than a dozen revolutions, the empire gradually showed fatigue.

The various factions of the empire also started a revolutionary war. Both capitalists and workers and citizens participated in this century's revolution.

Many regions became independent and separated from the empire, and the Southern Revolutionaries launched many uprisings, which greatly wiped out the empire’s vital power.

The Southern Revolutionaries integrated the revolutionary armed forces of various cities and established a unified Kurland People's Revolutionary Army. The Kurland People's Revolutionary Army defeated the main force of the Imperial Army in the Battle of Sandstone City and occupied Sandstone City.

At the same time, Hertels from the northern Salt Lake City led the northern revolutionary army to join the Kurland People's Revolutionary Army. Hertels introduced the situation of the Northern Revolution and the situation in Salt Lake City to the Southern Revolutionaries, and asked the Revolutionary Army to quickly rescue Salt Lake City.

The Southern Revolutionaries also believed that the rescue of Salt Lake City would be to connect the revolutionary areas into one piece. Hulan from the western region formed the Western Army and named the army after Professor Ballados, called "Courland- Balladors-Western Revolutionary Army"

The General Command of the Revolutionary Army quickly formed a combat deployment. Hulan led the Western Army to attack the Barryland area, while the main force moved north to rescue the besieged Salt Lake City.

The revolutionary army quickly defeated the main force of the Imperial army, liberated Salt Lake City, and finally occupied the capital of the Empire-Silver Elephant City

The Western Army also progressed smoothly. They quickly liberated the Barryland area, and then they found the bodies of the Barryland People’s Revolutionary Army soldiers and buried them, especially the bodies of Professor Barrados and Malan. The authorities also established Revolution Square and Revolution Monument to commemorate the warriors of that year.

After the victory of the revolution, someone asked the revolutionary leader-Vania: "How many revolutions have you guys launched?" He always smiled: "100 times."

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