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The much-anticipated Battle of the Golden Gate Bridge came to an end, because the Earth Republic Army broke through the Canadian-U.S. coalition defense line in the Rocky Mountains, it directly threatened the Canadian capital-Ottawa.

This resulted in a direct threat from the Earth Republic Army behind the U.S. forces deployed on the Golden Gate Bridge, and the U.S. forces had to retreat. Therefore, the International Communist Red Army (I.C.R.A.) won the Golden Gate Bridge and opened the door to further attacks on the United States.

The Southern Army of the International Communist Red Army led by the Socialists, has already spread all over Mexico, and is engaged in fierce battles with the state militias in Texas and the US military on the US-Mexico border.

The European Legion of the Earth Republic is forcibly crossing the Atlantic Ocean and is ready to attack the east coast of the United States at any time. However, because the three major US fleets are assembled on the east coast, the fighting is fierce, and the European Legion can hardly do anything.

In any case, the United States, the last country in the capitalist world that still suffers from stubborn resistance, has fallen into a situation surrounded by all sides. After the American campaign is over, the communist revolution will be completely victorious.

At this time, the United States is full of internal contradictions, front-line battles continue to fail, people are in panic, and the economy is on the verge of collapse.

Some time ago, the US military led by General Haug launched a military coup in Washington, which overthrew the civilian government and established a military government.

This means that U.S. diehards are ready to fight against the revolution to the end.

General Haug set up multiple lines of defense in the central and eastern regions of the United States, and built a large number of artillery, tanks, and bunkers in an attempt to block the advance of the International Communist Red Army.

These lines of defense are indeed very strong, even the Earth Republic Army equipped with new weapons can hardly break through.

However, after high-level discussions, it was agreed that Michigan in the Great Lakes is the intersection of multiple defense lines. Therefore, if the superior forces can be concentrated to occupy Michigan, then Hauge's defense line will be vulnerable.

As a result, the Earth Army and the International Communist Army concentrated their superior forces and began to attack Michigan, but because the US military set up a strong defense here, the offensive of the Earth Army and the International Communist Army did not work. Therefore, the International Communist Army decided to send Colonel Huyne to lead a commando team to sneak into Michigan, contact the working class there, and launch an uprising against Michigan, thus breaking the US defense line in one fell swoop and creating conditions for the final encirclement of Washington D.C.

Colonel Huyne is an active member of the international communist movement. He was born as a worker. He joined the International Communist Red Army very early and made great achievements in the war. His men are also experienced revolutionaries.

The commando quickly landed in the dense woods of Michigan. After they packed their luggage, they quickly contacted the agents of the Communist International.

At this time, Michigan is the front line of the war. People's lives are miserable and anti-war sentiment is high, especially for the working class. High-intensity work has become commonplace. The workers here have long wanted to join the revolution and establish a communist workers' regime.

Colonel Huyne met with O'Bresse, the leader of the workers in Michigan, and the two decided to hold a general workers strike in Michigan, and then took the opportunity to start the incident. The International Communist Army sent guns and ammunition to the workers' armed forces.

But some stubborn conservatives detected the workers' actions, and the military and police quickly took action. O'Brien was arrested and executed. Colonel Huyne flees.

Although things have changed a little, the general plan of the uprising remains unchanged. So a few weeks later, the workers started a revolution under the leadership of Colonel Huyne, and the Workers' Red Guards quickly occupied the state government and began a fierce battle with the US military.

At this time, the International Communist Red Army began to launch an offensive against Michigan. With the cooperation of the Workers' Red Guards, they wiped out the US Army and the US National Guard in Michigan.

The Earth Army also launched an offensive on the northern front, quickly destroying the Canadian army, defeating the American army, and occupyied the Canadian capital - Ottawa.

The Southern Army of the International Communist Red Army also launched an offensive. The militia and American troops stationed in Texas were defeated and occupied Austin.

Washington, the capital of the United States, was directly exposed to the gunfire of the Revolutionary Army, and the Earth Army in the north had approached New York City.

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