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Olalan Village is a village tribe in the southwest of the empire. Many people have lived here for many years. The wave of revolution swept the entire empire, but Olalan Village was not affected by the revolution, and most people still lived their peaceful lives.

Until a few days ago, a seriously injured person came to the village. The well-meaning villagers took him in and gave him treatment. After he recovered, the villagers learned that he was called Fisher and was a revolutionary. In order to escape the imperial pursuit, he came here. In order to prevent the empire from discovering his traces, Fisher fled to the mountain, lived in a cave, and lived by hunting every day.
One day, an imperial patrol came here. Commander Buckner called the villagers together and issued a speech:

"Residents of the empire, the situation is tense now. Rebels are everywhere. As residents of the empire, you guys are obliged to report the rebels to the imperial authorities. If anyone knows the place where rebels hide but don't report to the empire, they should be treated as collegiality!" Immediately, the imperial soldiers posted the reward poster targeting to the revolutionaries. One of the arrest notices was aimed to that Fisher.

The economy of the empire was deteriorating, and the revolutionary situation was surging. Due to the formation of an army to encircle the revolutionaries, the imperial authorities had to increase the taxes of the residents of the empire. This made the taxes that were already high and higher. The residents of the empire complained. Lalan Village is no exception. The Imperial Tax Collector has just increased the tax rate in Olalan Village from the original 20% to 45%! In other words, if you have one hundred dollars in income, you have to pay 45 dollars in taxes to the empire.

This caused the people of Olalan village are very angery, and the villagers were dissatisfied because many villagers have cut off their sources of income due to poor economic conditions. Now that there are such high taxes, who can bear it? !

As a result, the villagers of Olalan village confessed to the imperial tax collector, but the tax collector arbitrarily refused the villagers' request, which intensified the conflict between the villagers and the empire. Therefore, the villagers simply refused to pay taxes to the empire.

The imperial commander Buckner was very angry, so he led the team to arrest a few leaders to calm the situation, but the angry villagers took out their shotguns and other weapons at home to repel the imperial team's attack.

As a result, Buckner assembled a large number of troops and prepared to go to Olaran Village, and they also prepared chemical weapons. If things get out of control, Buckner will not hesitate to use chemical weapons to maintain the empire's rule.

Buckner’s army quickly occupied the village of Olaran and used chemical weapons to slaughter the village. Hundreds of people were killed, thousands were injured, and the rest were arrested.

The villagers were angry. Some survivors fled to the mountain to prepare for a long-term resistance against the empire. At this time, Fisher thought this was a perfect opportunity, so he gathered the survivors and formed Olaran Guerrilla The team, Fisher served as the captain of the guerrillas, launched a blow to the Empire.

Although the Olaran guerrillas are very backward in equipment, their members have a deep hatred for the rule of the empire. Therefore, the guerrillas are very powerful. They have defeated several empire encirclement and suppression, and successfully developed and grown. By the end of the year, the Olaran guerrillas had thousands of troops.

As a result, Fisher reorganized the Olaran guerrillas into the Olaran People’s Revolutionary Army. The revolutionary army defeated the imperial army on the frontal battlefield and regained the Olaran Village. Fisher announced that the Olaran Village would be changed to Oralan City.

The Olaran People's Revolutionary Army is very cruel to the imperial army and never accepts the surrender of imperial soldiers. Even soldiers who have captured the imperial army will be executed on the spot. The imperial army treats the revolutionary army in the same way. Therefore, the battle between the Imperial Army and the Oralan People's Revolutionary Army was very cruel.

Olaran has a famous saying, that is: "Every time the Imperial Army kills one of us, we will kill ten Imperial Army as revenge!"

Once, the Olaran People's Revolutionary Army captured a group of soldiers from the Imperial Army, and after searching for equipment and valuables, they killed all the prisoners.

The imperial army is more cruel to the prisoners of the revolutionary army, especially the prisoners of Olaran, they are basically killed and then crushed into pieces.

The imperial army suffered heavy losses on various battlefields, but for the direction of Olaran, it has always been heavily encircled and suppressed without mercy. They mobilized heavy troops to siege and attack Olaran, and used biological and chemical weapons many times, but the villagers were brave. And Olaran people also caused huge losses to the Imperial Army.

Later, after the empire was wiped out by various revolutionary forces, the remnants of the empire still harassed the city of Olaran from time to time, and many people died. It is said that the New Republic conducted a census of Olaran and found that the population of Olaran had declined more than 60%, second only to Salt Lake City (90%+) in the north.

Fisher was elected as the new mayor of Olaland

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