Been gaming since I was 4, my first games being First person shooters and RTS games, mainly Doom 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Age of Empires 2 and Unreal.
Around the age of 8-12 I played alot on the original XBOX, mainly because I had a Pentium 3 599MHZ, 256MB of ram, a 50GB HDD and possibly a video card but I didn't know what video cards were called at the time. But I do remember not being able to play the Call of duty 1 properly =P. However when I sometime in 2007 I got an E6600 1.86GHZ CPU with 2GB of DDR2 memory and a 7300 LE, which I would later upgrade to an Nvidia 8600 GT 1GB edition in order to play Medal of Honour Airborne.

Although I am predominately a PC gamer, I do occasionally play on Xbox360 (mainly exclusives and racing games, and also when I have friends over) as well as PS3/PS4 at my mates house.

I have way to many Favourite games and mods but here are some of em:

STALKER (Especially with Stalkersoup and Oblvion Lost mods)
Return To Castle Wolfenstein
anddd Character limit ^^

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----------------------------------------------TUROK 2: SEEDS OF EVIL--------------------------------------------------------------

Turok Was one of my childhood games. In particular, Turok 2: Seeds of evil on the PC (also released on the N64). The Game was developed by the Now Defunct Acclaim studious and could be considered a Revolutionary FPS game. Here are my thoughts about it


The main reason why I remember this title so vividly is err..... Actually there are several reasons. First, I never beat the game (Neither at the age of 6, or now), the levels are enormous, large enough to challenge modern FPS games, and maybe even Sandbox games. The second reason is this was easily the goriest game I had ever played at the time. You could blow off limbs, Blast torso open, decapitate,all of which where beautifully animated. The visuals were very good for the time and also superior to Quake in my opinion, which I did not enjoy that much due to its excessive use of the colour brown, Its like they designed the game while looking down a cardboard tube or something. Another reason is just simply, the feel of the game itself. It has an interesting story involving trips trough interesting locales varying from fishing ports to swamps to Alien light ships. Another MAJOR HUGE GINORMOUS reason why Turok 2 scores high is the amazingly varied weapon design, and also The SHEAR amount of them. There are well over 20 weapons to choose from, ranging From Bows, Talons to Pistols and tranquilliser guns to Plasma breathing Miniguns, Plasma cannons and Nuclear weapons. Oh no it doesn't stop there! They also gave you 2 Unique underwater weapons! A James Bond esque harpoon gun and A torpedo launcher, which functions as the name implies and also gives you a speed boost underwater. A feature which complements the juicy weapon selection is the use of a dismemberment model on all of the enemies. As the name implies, you can blow off varies limbs to deliver a more satisfying death blow. But that's not all, There are several grotesque death animations most of which depend on the weapon you are using and what creature is trying to kill you. Enemies will commonly die in amazingly violent ways, such as literally Blowing a hole trough a Brute with a plasma rifle or a Pod from the Cerebral Bore gun attaches to their skull, drills in, Sucks all the Ceribospinal fluid out before detonating.


While it being a very interesting and fun adventure, it does has its faults. Let's get back to the reason why I could not finish it. There is a level situated mostly underground (Liar of the Blind ones I believe) which was so repetitive and bland in its level design that I practically found it impossible to finish, not even with a map. After finishing what i'd like to call the 'Major' areas of the level, you had to destroy three ammo stockpiles in order to be allowed to return to the hub and continue to the next level. Unfortunately, the maze of tunnels had absolutely ZERO variation in them resulting in Days of failed attempt after failed attempt. To be fair it could be because of engine limitations, but even if that where the case, they should have cut out the maze section of the level, or even the Level entirely, as neither of the previous or subsequent levels suffer from the same problems. The other thing I'd like to rant about is the absence of a usable map. Turok 2 Was one of the first truly 3D games, Unfortunately the map is practically the same as it was in games Like Doom, which is ok for a 2.5D game where 'room-over-room' design was impossible. You may argue that Build engine games like Duke Nukem 3D Also had the same problem, but I would disagree as Turok's level's are WAY, WAY, WAY larger then any shooter that had come before it.

Other then that, Turok 2 Is an amazingly atmospheric enjoyable Sci-Fi -Fantasy Mas-hup which I would recommend to anyone that is a fan Of 90's FPS games or even remotely interested in creative art.

Did you enjoy the game? Share your thoughts with us =]!

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