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DMW Vodka & RagnaRock Pack 1.01

Mod review

Impressive, no doubts!


Freelancer Advanced Widescreen HUD

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True widescreen fixes are always nice.


Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

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This game is a masterpiece. Gothic, badass, sometimes scary, sometimes funny. Very interesting story with interesting storytelling.


Doom 64 for Doom II

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Brutal Doom 64

Mod review

Changed my mind after v2.0 release. If you're doing a "Classic Mode" so don't include M16 and Stamina+Kicking in Classic Mode. It must be in "Modern Mode". For "Classic" you MUST save v1.0/v1.1 features.


The Suffering: Ties That Bind

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The Suffering

Game review


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I was the one who waited for the release of this mod. I recommend to play this mod, but I'll give only 6/10. This mod has pluses and minuses. So:
1) The atmosphere. I liked that post-apocalyptic world with sex/erotism in decent edges.
2) The story. The scenario has a lot of cliche, but I like how it's going. This is why I play this game further when I wanted to drop it due to hard difficulty (read minuses section).
3) Weapons. I don't like mods which one have a big weaponry with the same firepower. This mod doesn't have this problem. I've used all weapons (except the melee) all the time during the walkthrough.
4) Enemies. I liked most of mod's bestiary (except the "cat woman boss" due to her design and idea).
5) Level texturing. It's a really good textured mod. All levels are pretty.

1) Level design. God dammit most levels have a problem called "Where the hell I must go???". In Level #13 I spent about a 30 minutes due to grey key searching. I've "talked" with robotic guy many times to understand where is the key. And dammit I was in needed room about a 20 times - I just don't recognize the GREY key in the GREY floor with GREY walls! Honestly, I've dropped this mod in Level called "City of Ghosts". I spent about a hour in this map and I don't get it how to finish this. I'm really tired, sorry.
2) Music. Don't get me wrong - mostly music is interesting in this mod. But few midi tracks are bad. Mostly due to a really short duration. Especially "Sweet Dreams" song-cover by Marilyn Manson. I've got a headache TWICE due to short and looped music. For mods like this music must be a really long (10 minutes). Especially it's the midi so it can't be so big in megabytes.
3) HUD. I liked the Toxic Pallete idea but green numbers under the green-yellow template - oh no, it killed my eyes. First 3 levels I was getting used to it for understand which numbers I see. First time for me it was a mess. Also I disliked the main heroine face in HUD. I know it's not so easy to make such sprites but she is so amateur-drawed here! For serious dark mod it's too childly.
4) Hit detection problems. Mostly - tentacles. WHY they damage me when I'm far away from them? Especially when they're near the doors. Also explosive toxic barrels are too "fat" - you can't run between them even if you're going in empty "sector" between them. Also hated instantly-killing toxic lakes - sometimes you just going near this and dies for no reason.

I want to say that it's a GOOD mod, but far away from "perfect" score. I liked it and spent about a 3 nights to play it. Mad Wolf, you did a really good work but those minuses (especially level walkthrough problems) killed my moral sanity. So that's why I give you only 6/10.

Sorry for bad english, it's not my native language.



Mod review

I've played beta version of this mod when Sgt. Mark IV wasn't so popular. And I really liked it. And I can say now that this mod is really cool.

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