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GREZZO 3 (The Real Space Marine Simulator!)

Mod review - 14 agree - 3 disagree

You literally ripped a bunch of content that you didn't made into Xash3D so thanks but no.


Operation Black Thunder - Remod

Mod review

Black Mesa: Hazard Course

Mod review - 2 agree

I was really impressed with the recreation of the Half-Life tutorial mode and I just want to get it out of the way there are some minor graphical pop in/outs and the hologram character had less ploys then the black mesa models. The Black Mesa models have far greater detail plus it's a hologram so I wasn't inspecting too much from it.

Ok with that out of the way your team attention to detail even though some of the assets are from Black Mesa but that's the thing you guys kept it consistent it felt like the original Half-Life layout with Black Mesa flare :D


Silent Hill: Alchemilla

Mod review - 1 agree

I'm a moderator and co-owner of the Orange Box Fan group on DeviantArt and I did a mini review so I'll link up the review their.


Hopeless Night

Mod review

Rabbit Hole

Mod review


Mod review - 9 disagree

It's has great gamplay but the ingame cutscene not the normal cutscenes are way too long so most of the time I just zone out or take off my headphones so I just get the important parts and forget everything else. I hope in the next episode the in-game cutscenes have been cut down.


Black Mesa

Mod review

Chex Quest

Game review

16 years later it still stands to this day and is amazing to play...dam it cereal companies do this advertisment again and make sure it's as great as this.


ReWolfenstein 3D

Mod review - 1 disagree

This mod could have been better and felt it was rushed so here are my good and bad points for this mod...
First the bad just to get it out of the way...

First the coding in this mod was bad every time you die a copy of yourself comes out plus the AI in the mod is horrible because every time you die they continue to the spawn area so once we spawn we get gun down and needs to be completely changed.

Second the modeling now I know the style was going to be from the original but the characters look like it was done from a newcomer to modeling and needs more fleshing out that includes weapons not tubes.

Last for the major problem difficultly now I know mine having a hardcore setting up this mod needs a controller for the difficultly setting from newcomer to hardcore. Come to think of it where are the bosses? I couldn't find the bosses. Because ran out of time? Rushed to get them done? well there not there. Also need a map I got lost in the levels way too fast and needs to be noted.
Ok now the major problems out of the way now for the good side...

gameplay is spot on to the original which is a good thing it's very addicting and can get epic some times.

Level design wow I was impressed how close the levels are to the original that includes the secret areas so awesome job.

Sound now there were some problems like I couldn't hear footsteps but the sounds for the weapons are great and music very close to the original is great.
Ok I need to know why is this on HL2:DM don't get me wrong it's a great mod but this mod is better off on HL2, HL2 EP1 or 2 not HL2:DM. This mod was rushed to get done on time and to be onset rushing is a very bad idea and this mod need more testing to get the bugs out. So please fix this mod it should have been better but it's not....

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