Game I played and sealed them : 1-BAD Boys II 2-25 To Life 3-GUN 4-Total Overdose 5-THE Godfather 6-THE GodfatherII 7-Splinter Cell (DOUBLE AGENT) 8-True Crime (STREET OF L.A) 9-Stranglehold (Jhon Woo PRESENTS) 10-Spider Man II 11-Splinter Cell (CHAOS THEORY) 12-Resdint Evil 4 13-Resrvoir Dogs 14-THE Punisher 15-Prince Of Persia (THE TWO THRONES) 16-Need For Speed (MOUST WANTED) 17-Medal Of Honor (AIRBORNE) 18-Medal of Honor (Pacific Assault) 19-Kane & Lynch (DEAD MAN) 20-Just Cause 21-Instinct 22-Infernal 23-HIT MAN II (SILENT ASSASSIN) 24-HIT MAN III (CONTRACT) 25- HIT MAN IV (BLOOD MONEY) 26-Guitar Hero II 27-Frontlines (FUEL OF WAR) 28-Fahrenheit (INDIGO PROPHEECY) 29-DRIV3R 30-DRIV4R (PARALLEL LINES) 31-Devil My Cry 4 32-Commandos (STRIKE FORCE) 33-Call Of Juarez (BLOOD OF BOUNDS) 34-Call Of Duty II 35-THE CLUB 36-Brothers IN Arms (EARNED IN BLOOD) 37-Brothers IN Arms (HELL'S HIGHWAY) 38-007 (Nightfire) 39-007 (Quantum Of Solace) 40-C

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