Hello, and welcome to my profile! Feel free to browse and add me if you want! I am a big science fiction buff, especially when it is related to Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Star Wars, or Stargate. I play Star Wars Empire at War, Forces of Corruption, Star Trek: Bridge Commander, Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, the Age of Empires series, and many other games!

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Hello friends and fellow modders!

It has been some time since I was online last, and I now feel like it was time to return. It has been a long last year or so for me... I originally returned to ModDB back in January of 2014, but soon after I came back, my girlfriends mother passed away in a car accident, and shortly after the funeral, she herself, had attempted to commit suicide. Because of this, I had decided to again, step away from ModDB. During the early spring into the middle of summer, I helped her get through her therapy and back to her daily life.

Now that she has recovered, let's get onto the good news; in the fall, after nearly 2 years of delays, I started my first official year of college at George Mason University in Northern Virginia. Now that I have gotten back to my "normal" routine, I have decided to again come back to ModDB, and this time, for good!

Thank you all in advance, it is good to be back!


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