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Is the dream of the 90's alive at The Fullbright Company? Yes, in the form of "Gone Home", a story exporation video game. Design3 got the scoop from Kate Craig at GDC 2013, where she told us about Gone Home, the challenges of being a 3D environment modeler, some of her favorite video games and more interviews and game tutorials FREE at

How fast can you make a video game? Some game developers take everything 30 seconds at a time. Design3 chatted with Michael Brough about his game Vesper.5, the tools he used, the concept of playing a tiny bit each day and some advice for beginning game designers.

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Where do video game developers find their inspiration? Some look to the fist! Design3 met up with Jake Lewandowski at GDC 2013, where he told us all about the success of his hit-game, Fist Puncher. Jake also spilled the beans on the free tools he uses, turning his KickStarter supporters into characters in his game and what it's like developing games with his brother.

Fist Puncher

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Don't be a square! Learn to make video games right now! What's our angle? A triangle! Design3 had a pow-wow with Jakob Schmid, audio designer of the hit-game, 140. He told us all about his game, the tools used to develop it, tips for budding game makers to get the ball rolling, and more.

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Do you wrestle with the thought of developing video games? Maybe you're an aspiring luchador? Design3 got a chance to talk with Augusto Quijano, developer of Guacamelee, at GDC 2013. In this interview, Augusto tells us all about his smash-hit game, the inspiration for Guacamelee's stunning graphic design, the tools used to create the game, tips for young developers, and more.

Would you rather be a game developer or a liquor smuggler? We'll tell you how to be both! Design3 interviewed Brendon Chung of Blendo Games at GDC 2013, where he told us about his game, Thirty Flights Of Loving, free tools for beginning developers and the challenges of telling a story with no dialogue.

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Do you think video game development is way too much work? Well, work harder, hard worker! Design3 had the pleasure of interviewing Richard Hofmeier at GDC 2013, where he discussed the thought-process of creating the award-winning game, Cartlife, his theme-reinforcing graphics, reasons for becoming a game developer, and more.
GDC 2013 - Interview with Richard Hofmeier

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GDC 2013 - Interview with Jonatan

Does the thought of game development beat you up from the top down? Well, put on your chicken mask and hit back. Design3 got to speak with Jonatan "Cactus" Söderström of Dennaton Games, where he gave us the details on his hit-game, Hotline Miami, what tools he uses and the source of Hotline Miami's awesome music.

Hotline Miami
Dennaton Games

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GDC 2013 - Interview with Aleksey Abramenko

Don't get side-scrolled by video game development. Shoot first and ask questions later! Design3 had an interesting conversation with Aleksey Abramenko at GDC 2013, where he told us about his award-winning game, Intrusion 2, as well as the software to make his stunning graphics and some tips for young developers.

How long does it take to develop a game? Justin Ma, co-developer of the award winning game, FTL: Faster Than Light, has been there and back. design3 got a chance to chat with Justin at GDC 2013, where he shared the details on his previous work in China, his unbelievable Kickstarter success, the work it took to create FTL, the design tools used, and more.

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