The name is Gareth, I am 25, a hardcore gamer, I also enjoy metal music, movies and football/soccer.

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Help with Vegas.

Deaths_Head Blog

Damn I never thought that the first Vegas would be so hard to complete, I mean holy shit the AI could be dumb sometimes but they sure can be accurate with their shots (maybe because they are an elite group of mercs).

Another thing that pisses me off bout Vegas is the damn shotguns they are too powerful. Anyone have any tips or strategies to help me through this game??

Happy Mother's Day to All at

Deaths_Head Blog

Ok first off today is Mother's Day so I hope y'all did something special for the ladies who brought you into this world if not what the hell are you waiting for? New Year's? GET TO IT!!

Second MANCHESTER UNITED 2007-2008 BARCLAYS PREMIERE LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!!! HELL YEA BOY!!!! Now onto Moscow and the Champions League final.

So whats goin on with you guys here at Moddb?

Great place to be here.

Deaths_Head Blog

I starting to get fond of this place has every mod imaginable for the game you folks love but I have a small problem an maybe y'all can give some advice.

When a friend of mine and I play Kane's Wrath via network (mind you he lives in the U.S and I in the Caribbean) and we are in the middle of a huge battle against the AI, yea I said AI were still beginners to the Multiplayer aspect of Command & Conquer the game ends up going out of sync. How do you rectify that problem so it wont happen again??

Da_Hunter is the best person to talk to on here and his team are making some of the best mods for Command & Conquer Generals/Zero Hour and I can't wait till they turn their focus over to Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars/Kane's Wrath (if they have Kane's Wrath anyway lol). I wonder what devious and maniacal ideas that crew will come up with till Red Alert 3 is unleashed upon the world later this year.

Time to sign out and head for the frontlines. COME ON YOU APES!! YOU WANT TO LIVE FOREVER!? (Lt. Razak of Alpha Squad)

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