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For the past few months, I've been taking various random song requests for free on a couple different websites. I decided to pick my favorites and go back and touch them up by re-mastering them, extending them, and just mixing them up a bit and improving them overall. I'm also using this to launch my bandcamp account.
25 high quality royalty free songs for use in whatever you want.


These are pretty good, I picked them up both for my game soundtrack music collection but also because if I ever do make a game a lot of these sound really usable. I threw a little money your way, be to be honest I didn't do my due diligence research so I hope you are in fact the one who created these. If possible, I'd like to know more about this giant squid fight :P

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DeathMD Author

Thanks for the feedback, heh, and I appreciate the little tip. And yes, I am the one who created these, haha. If you're that concerned, I can send you screenshots of the actual projects, or even edited versions to subtract layers or something of them.

The Giant Squid one was made with a boss battle in mind. The first part is meant to be looked during say, a cutscene or the pre-battle before the fight. The second half is the actual action part.

I was joking around with a friend of mine in steam, whose name is Deacon, who happened to really like that track as I was sending him WIP's of it. I just decided to give it a silly name, and name it after him.

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That makes sense. I'd imagine it to be a giant space squid though, it's hard to listen to the track without thinking of flashing lasers and chaos. Perhaps a regular giant squid with some serious energy reserves. It'd be intense one way or another.

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