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Long time no see everyone!

Winter Remix


As promised it's here!
I've been waiting for someone to take what I made and remix it, but since no one did it I decided to do it myself.
Since the new year was coming I decided to pick up Winter!
This is my gift for everyone! Enjoy!

Happy new year, happy holidays and thanks! :D

(I'm also posting this blog to remove the buggy one)

New Year Plans!


Guys, the new year is coming! And I'm thinking about making a compilation of my tracks. 2011 - 2012 period! I'm also doing a remix of Winter!
WIP version is not up but let me remind you with the original: Soundcloud.com
Tell me what you think, should I put this up or not. I'm really not sure!
But the remix will be up! It's a new year's present for everyone! I'm going with electronic music influence. Kraftwerk mainly!
You know I've been waiting for someone to remix some of my tracks, but since no one did it I decided why the hell not to 'remix' some myself! I did some tweaks before to my first tracks, to make them feel like I originally wanted!
Evil ended up sounding really evil! This will feel different from the original!
I'm using the electric piano, synth drums and synth strings in MIDI for it! :D

Hails! \m/
I saw screenshots of Nicija Zemlja/No Man`s Land for Half-Life by D3ads.
It had quite an impact on me. I imagined a soundscape!
Here`s a first demo, unfinished:
Track`s name is Streets of Desolation, inspired by the artwork in the description of D`s mod.
Tracked in MIDI, 10 channels! :D
I`m satisfied with it, it sounds good to me. Creates that desolate feel, like you are in a post apocalyptic town or something!
Check it out!

All my old tracks from SoundCloud were deleted due to non-satisfaction and some worries too!
Enjoy in new stuff that will emerge sometime, since it takes much time to gather inspiration. At least for me!

So I started mapping with UDMF (Ultimate Doom Map Format) for GZDoom and Skulltag, and yeah it`s pretty badass! It saved me from trouble of coloring sectors with ACS functions (Sector_SetColor) or fading them (Sector_SetFade).
Instead I can do that without ACS. I can even set ID to a line while giving a totally different action!
HeXen map format is old skool and it`s cool, but UDMF is a fan made format and it`s pretty awesome.
I can even do a separate texture alignment on upper and lower textures in GZDoom Visual Mode.
But still HeXen rules!

UDMF is not a map format on it`s own, it`s more like updated HeXen map format. It still uses ACS and that good stuff HeXen map format brought!

Now that I`m a full time Doom 2 and HeXen modder, and damn those flies are nasty!
I never thought about joining on Twitter for blogging. The main reason is that I am active worker now that I do what I do. And I really like to share my work to others.

So follow me on Twitter!
Seriously I have a fly problem, and damn those are nasty!

Update 25:OCT:2011 23:35:
- Finished the level two called Acid Death;
- Working on the level three.

Update 8:OCT.2011 09:51 PM:
- Polishing and testing MAP01.
- Working on MAP02 - Acid Death.

Update 7.OCT.2011 23:40 PM:

- Demon (stealth) acts as spectre now.
- MAP01 is complete.
- Doom 64 sounds are all in use.
A lot of people love Doom 3 sounds for some reason in their wads/pk3s.
I like Doom 64`s sound set more, it`s scarier and fits for Doom.

Lava Levels will be a 32 level wad for Doom 2 Hell on Earth on ZDoom (GZDoom).
Except the new levels there is some new content too:
- Arch Vile`s sounds were re-mixed in Audicity to make it sound more evil.
- New enemies: Deep One and BFG Arachnotron.
- New weapon: Pulse Nailgun and Heavy Machinegun.
- New ammo pickups: Nail Box and Nail Pouch.
- Textures from Chasm - The Rift (atmospheric reasons).
- Music from Hexen (atmospheric reasons).
- Sounds from Doom 64 (atmospheric reasons).
I want to create a mod that is evil, hard and scary... :)

I downloaded the Doom Builder yesterday. And I got the heck of it pretty damn fast!
The screenshot that I posted is now actually one mega-level. With my terrain making skills from wc3 I can make a good terrain in anything else. Besides I had already a knowledge of id Tech 1 (Doom engine) so learning to make levels was not so hard.

Now about the project!
It will be a linear campaign for Hexen - Beyond Heretic. It`s called Undead Journey.
Classes will not be changed, but they as characters will. You awake in your grave (Army of Darkness style) as a ex Korax`s death knight.
Trough the graveyards, haunted forests, haunted castles and evil swamps of ravaged Cronos you will encounter ghosts of ettins who have fallen, chaos serpents who have been slain. Revers flying around the graves, bishops in the chapels. Undead dragons dominating the sky!
It will be dark, evil and hard. You will lead evil character who wants to rule among what`s left of Korax`s army. But you are not the only one, there are other death knights who want to rule and demonic Heresiarch things.

The new stuff that will be added to the game of Hexen are:
» New enemies: Skeleton Warrior; Armored Skeleton and Tattered Skeleton. And probably archer (fire and normal).
» New graphics: Textures, flats, sprites, menus, etc.
» New sounds: Mixed sounds from Hexen and Heretic and some exports. To create satanic slaves!
» Hard gameplay: `Nuff said!

When the thing is 30% done I will post it here on Mod DB, the article and a demo.

Anyone wanna help?
I will need someone who wants to make sprites and flats AND someone who knows Hexen engine more than me.
It`s quite different from Doom I tell you! I know!

3D Artist Needed!!!


NhazUl has left the team because of his problems and I need a 3D artist familiar with Warcraft III modding.
If you want to help please send me a PM. I do make 3D models but I can`t make something in high quality. Please if you want to help send me a PM and I`ll see to it that you know all regarding the project. Best regards.

P.S. Shatter trough Millennium...

Team is forming slowly...
DEAD FiSH - Project Leader
NhazUl - 3D Artist
Vinyl Scratch - Music Director

The point is that now I took things seriously and I want to bring best of quality with my project.

If you are familiar and good in Warcraft III modding and you have some time and skill at disposal I suggest you to contact me via PM and I`ll see to tell you all of your interest.
Every project related information will be provided... Best regards.

P.S. Can you feel it in the air? Eyes watching you now...

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