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DDog_And_Mann’s review of the mod.
I will review this as its own game and not a comparison to half-life 2.
This mod has only limit action which isn't a negative if you’re going for the horror aspect with a background story, but at times it did feel like move here and then move there with only something breaking or being thrown at you within that time. As this is in alpha I’m not going to nit-pick the hell out of something that has had care and love put into it (or at least ill presume that). Estranged has its fear factor in sight and I’m sure given a little less jump scares (yes i was playing this at night time and i was playing in the dark...), and little more mind playing fear and this might become what might be a better mod than anything else… but that’s just something to throw in there, heck for all I know it could turn out to be not bad for jump scares, but just as long their not constant. Then theirs voice acting, overall not a bad job, can’t say id do better but it should turn out well in the end for voice acting. Performance issues…none at all worked fine if you have a decent computer.

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