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If there is any doubt to whether or not I'm a troll for leaking the mod, let this be information.

  • Lets start with this, shall we? Onemanshow rose up to power thanks to Phatcat leaving the mod. Along with Onemanshow's rise to power so was Veteran_Gamer's. Veteran_Gamer had made the forum a complete mess. He abused his admin powers, and insulted others for no apparent reason too. Onemanshow's answer to the community was "Just deal with it".
  • Those kickass muzzleflashes? Their default-HL2. Decompile the weapons to see for yourself.
  • He lied about copyrights. Lets see, "DICE, Tripwire Interactive, Red Storm Entertainment, Infinity Ward (Though IW deserves it. :p)" I thought you were removing BF2 sounds due to legal complications. And yet again, OMS, you decided to steal from DICE again, and lie about it. Bravo.
  • To anyone saying the leak would not represent the full game, WRONG. I leaked this around the time that the May 26th update was released. June - July actually. Hell, there was even a patch for the mod on the public FTP.. So how can you say the leak wasn't a recent version? The mod had one map that was unfinished. The rest was finished. Not to mention almost all of the weapons were already done A YEAR AGO. What happened, OMS? What happened between those two years, hm?
  • Lets not forget what a complete mess the weapon code was. Jesus, talk about organization with that script.
  • Oh, and those weapons? 12 minute jobs. Lets take a look at the MP7A1 for example. I made the exact same thing. It involved .vmt'ing the lens of the scope and then adding a laserpointer script, and then boom. You have your MP7A1. Any weapon in there is do-able, with the exception of that M79. Which was done in 08' already.
  • He had a total disregard for the community, even making fun of them.
  • He lied about stealing from Fitzroy. He said that Tactical 6 wouldn't have used mapadds from him, nor would any version have. Where's that now, hm?

If you want to flame me, here you go. And don't forget to say thank you.

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