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Holy fuck it's an achievement!

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Is that all you guys got?

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Shit...I thought I'd get tons of replies. Or at least a few PM's. I guess my point really did get across the community of Moddb. ;P Of course, you can all just keep on down-voting my comments because of no reason, but hey that's your opinion anyway. On a side note; I got another email from that guy. Apparently I got him grounded and he's going to get my IP, find out where I live, and get me because he's apparently in the Trench Coat Mafia. And well, needless to say I lol'd.

#1 reason to leave your email private.

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So I hardly check my email. At all. But recently I emailed Drummerworld to tell them how much I thought (well, knew actually) Jason Bittner sucked at drums. Which he does. The guy's got around 20 fuckin' cymbals that are useless and plays at 20 BPM on double bass. Alright that last part was an exaggeration but he's not fast at all. Regardless, THIS is the main point.

Edit: My god.

Wait...I missed all of this?

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Left 4 Dead 1's DLC was just announced not too long ago. 'The Sacrifice' (typical name. ;D) is coming soon, and everyone is already raging about it. I don't know why, but apparently every move that Valve makes with Left 4 Dead ends up in making everyone hate them. Valve, for some reason, can't do shit right with this series. I mean hell, they made a big mistake in announcing that The Sacrifice would be the last thing that they release for Left 4 Dead.HAR HAR VALVE VERY FUNNYA non-exclusive DLC it would be, however. As Valve announced that it L4D2 players would be getting the DLC too, and L4D2 players would actually be getting more than the L4D1 players. So I decided to check into the Steam forums; after catching wind of the DLC being announced. And not to anyones suprise, it turns out to be raging every thread on the front page. I wonder, how in gods name is Valve going to go through with this.

About that leak.

Daxent Blog

If there is any doubt to whether or not I'm a troll for leaking the mod, let this be information.

  • Lets start with this, shall we? Onemanshow rose up to power thanks to Phatcat leaving the mod. Along with Onemanshow's rise to power so was Veteran_Gamer's. Veteran_Gamer had made the forum a complete mess. He abused his admin powers, and insulted others for no apparent reason too. Onemanshow's answer to the community was "Just deal with it".
  • Those kickass muzzleflashes? Their default-HL2. Decompile the weapons to see for yourself.
  • He lied about copyrights. Lets see, "DICE, Tripwire Interactive, Red Storm Entertainment, Infinity Ward (Though IW deserves it. :p)" I thought you were removing BF2 sounds due to legal complications. And yet again, OMS, you decided to steal from DICE again, and lie about it. Bravo.
  • To anyone saying the leak would not represent the full game, WRONG. I leaked this around the time that the May 26th update was released. June - July actually. Hell, there was even a patch for the mod on the public FTP.. So how can you say the leak wasn't a recent version? The mod had one map that was unfinished. The rest was finished. Not to mention almost all of the weapons were already done A YEAR AGO. What happened, OMS? What happened between those two years, hm?
  • Lets not forget what a complete mess the weapon code was. Jesus, talk about organization with that script.
  • Oh, and those weapons? 12 minute jobs. Lets take a look at the MP7A1 for example. I made the exact same thing. It involved .vmt'ing the lens of the scope and then adding a laserpointer script, and then boom. You have your MP7A1. Any weapon in there is do-able, with the exception of that M79. Which was done in 08' already.
  • He had a total disregard for the community, even making fun of them.
  • He lied about stealing from Fitzroy. He said that Tactical 6 wouldn't have used mapadds from him, nor would any version have. Where's that now, hm?

If you want to flame me, here you go. And don't forget to say thank you.

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