This is my bio. I never know what to write on these things, so I'll tell you what my interests are regarding computer games. I admire classic CRPGs like Fallout 1 and the Ultima series, so I'm interested in how RPG engines are put together. I'm also very interested in artificial intelligence of the kind that makes games fun.

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I've been working with this engine for almost 2 years and love the code base. You do not need external libraries like stdlib or boost and nothing is hidden, so in the rare case that bugs are encountered, they are found and removed by the engine creator almost immediately.

Great engine and fast service in the forums.

It is October 2014 and C4 Engine has reached version 4.0. This is the biggest update in its history and its selling for an unbeatable price, so I thought I'd update my old review.

The new demos look fantastic and show what can be done by a two man team. The new island level is great and the cemetery level is particularly impressive. If you like isometric style games like I do, get yourself killed in the island demo and it will let you fly around it. That way you will see the engine runs well, from that viewpoint as well.

The physics has been improved and the world manager has been reworked, so the more nodes there are in a world, the better it performs.

The visual scripting has several improvements, the most important to me, is being able to run multiple scripts from the same script and the addition of the Activate Trigger and Deactivate Trigger methods.

The world editor has been improved, with all tools arranged in 5 tabs and the new gizmo is very, very, nice. A couple of new tool pages have been added, including one that manages both node selection and visibility and a node finder page, both of which are must haves.

There are many other improvements, described in the release notes for 4.0.

I'm still enjoying using this engine very much and wouldn't use any other. I have added Recast Navigation, Raven AI, a HTN planner, a ton of my own code and everything is rock solid and compiles quickly. The service in the forums is excellent as always and the current price is a world beater, so I suggest everyone check it out.

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