I am a game developer in training hailing from the Central Valley of California, USA. I'm a gamer first and foremost, but I'm also an otaku, and I am quite swayed and fascinated by Japanese tech, animation, and developement styles. Hit me up if you want to know more.

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Shooting Star 2

Game review

Decent little game. Reminds me of more professionally made marble games, like those in the Microsoft Arcade. My biggest problem with it was how control of your marble was based on strict compass directions. It makes it disorientating when needing to change camera directions. Instead, why not base marble movement by the direction of the camera, so that W is always away from the camer, and S is always towards it.

I think that will bump up the score exponentially, considering how well everything else is done. I love the effects, and I love the music.


Experiment 04

Early access mod review - 3 agree

I had only played the first 5 minutes of the mod. While I enjoy full game mods, I will say that there is a certain art to making a mod of a game good. There are some good points, but the game shows many flaws that could be easily gotten rid of.

Firstly, and this is a big one, leaving the player without any clue as to what's going on at the very start of the game is bad, especially if you are trying to do a survival horror style of game. being led around by some woman who holds no attachment to me as a player, and instantly killed off by some nega-reskin of G-man leaves MANY bad impressions on me.

Secondly, there are some programming quirks and anomalies that should be worked on, if they are anything but a mechanic in the game. NEVER lead a player on using gimicks such as invisible walls, and forcefields WITHOUT first giving a good reason. It's obvious this use to be the main character's home before he was killed and cloned, but without physical evidence of his past, the player is left wondering why his home is full of all this randomness.

There are probably more, and once I get around to trying the mod again, I'll mention them in this review. Hopefully this mod gets worked on some more.

Before I leave off, I'd like to note a few good points.

THe music and amvbience is nice, and all of the implemented models, including the first character you meet, textures and level design made for the mod all look quite good as well.

Put simply, work more on maintaining the mechanics of the mod, before trying to make it look any better.

Best of luck.

(more to come later)


Star Wars Conquest

Mod review

The Void

Game review - 1 agree

This game's selling point is its use of Okami style painting to accomplish most tasks. Amongst the intricate art style, the haunting tracks, and the cryptic characters, I have to say, this is NOT a game for the mainstream.

While there are many avenues to discover, and explore in the different realms, you constantly have to make sure you have "color" in one of you many hearts. Obviously, you start off with one, which hinders you quite a bit, but as the game progresses you are given more "hearts" that get placed throughout your body, each with a different encompassing ability. You have to attain color from lympha plants, trees, etc, and take them to the sister of the void to appease the brothers in a deceptive ploy to overtake the Void. Combat consists of using your Nerva (usable) colors to stop creature/enemy advance, but not much other than that. While you are limited to that for combat, you can use Brush techniques to give yourself a boost in defense, a charge of speed, etc to give yourself the advantage you need over your opponent or obstacle.

Again, the game is very cryptic, yet enchanting, and not for the faint of mind/heart.

gameplay 8/10
story 7/10
art 9/10
music/sound 8/10



Game review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

In an interesting attempt to make a roleplaying sandbox, a kin to Terraria, the Ehuddaniel game MicroTale sets the stage for a nameless hero, in a freaky deaky toppy turvy world where the farther "down" you go, the tougher the enemies get.

While I'm keen on the whole aspect of making my own apoc torn town, building farms, and amassing resources, I feel there is something lost between the effect of TABing and clicking on baddies, and picking up powerful equipment. Something is definitely missing, but I'm too ADD to really put my finger on it.

Maybe if attacking baddies was more based on skillful movement and clicks, and treasure was more "tangible" in a sense that it isn't just automatically equipped as a stat increase on your character.

I am also convinced the UI is there to aggravate me, and some of the hot keys are oddly placed. There are plenty of problems, but the lighter side of the game gives me that good old dungeon crawl feel, and the music is quite entertaining.

So with good and bad points on the table, I give this title a clean 6/10. Could be much better. I'll track and keep an eye out for updates.


Depths of Peril

Game review - 2 agree

From my time with the demo, I have to loosen my review a bit, considering I haven't gotten the whole gist of the game. But from what I can gather, the game features a huge RTS styled remix to the classic Diablo style RPG.

This game features a randomly generated land, pitting you with randomly generated guilds or "Covenants". You trade, ally, and go to war with these guilds in one small area of the game, while the rest of it is one big dungeon crawl. While I'm not as big a fan as most for this genre of RPG, I do say it is quite a good time waster. Even with it just being the demo.

In the end, your final objective is to just be better than the rest of the covenants, either through trade via alliances, or literal obliteration through raids and wars. This section of the game is kind of odd, and small, as the scale of combat in this is just house versus house with basically 4 humanoids and 4 animal/beast guards. While I'll admit there are some tactics involved, I feel it's a bit shorthanded, considering the full scope of the game. It's like putting Master Chief in a Forerunner holocaust in the Halo universe. While it's cool we've got The Chief kicking ***, the huge scope of that scenario is with the forerunners massive destruction.

To conclude, the game handles itself very well, even considering some of the limitations it put on itself. It drives the player to go out and find adventures, baddies, and loot, while still keeping a close eye on their assets at home, forging alliances, and going to war with other Covenants.

Suffice to say, I do plan on purchasing this game soon.


Morbid Land

Game review - 4 agree

Game has potential, one of the biggest problems is the grammar of the dialogue, and text. Second biggest problem is the awkward key and mouse bindings.

The game is deceptively set in a futuristic universe, in which clans of people are stuck in their respective home towns on a planet ravaged by some evil queen, Valkyrie. Magic and Science, given to these beings by an alien race, allows people who are killed to return to the magical stone set in their hometown, protected by a field of magic that no evil can enter.

Way to make respawning a story element, haha.

If the creator could fix all the problems listed above, this could make for a very decent game, even with the late graphics system.


Caveman Craig 2

Game review - 1 disagree

Very solid game.

Simple goal, bash the other AI controlled tribe to bits and pieces. The set pieces like the dinosaurs really sets the mood for a wacky RTS like gameplay. Just from playing the demo, I've gotten a whole slew of fun things to try, and with the promise of their being so much more, I am most certainly going to purchase the full game first chance I get.



Game review

Impressive visuals, and alot of ships go along way to making this game pretty damn good. However early game is very limited to surviving off of cargo delivery missions, which become very tedious. Especially when a particularly high paying mission is off somewhere in no man's land.

Give and take, I'd say work in a different system of making money, not just off doing menial jobs like cargo transit, but maybe other things in low level areas that are well protected. I'd really like to see much more put into this game.

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