I signed up to this sight solely for CnC game mods and groups.Since then i have started to get mods for all my games .Any recommendations as to which I should download or join?(I have no modding skills myself).

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C&C update

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Here's hoping that Victory Games can return C&C to it's former glory. To all the skeptics I say give them a chance, you never know, it's bound to be better than C&C 4 at least. It's a step in the right direction and that's all that matters for now. Also I'm really getting sick of all the hate on C&C Paradise, hopefully it will get resolved soon enough.


Darth-Chaching Blog

I have not posted in a while as I have been filled with rage towards EA.That anger still has not sub sided.I have been playing many Petroglyph games and Westwood games.After playing C&C4 I couldn't believe how brilliant the old games where,I always knew they were good but they feel amazing now.I have done the campaigns for RA2 AND TIB SUN about three times each,admiring their gameplay and cutscenes.Every one of them is a million times better than anything EA ever made for the two series.The "Kane lives!" cutscene is fit for a movie(which I hope happens for either saga).I know it's very nostalgic but I really miss the old days,just thinking about the first time I played any of their campaigns warms my heart.I hope Petroglyph buys the rights for C&C from EA and remakes C&C4 or that the mod "Tiberian Eclipse" lives up to my expectations.


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I finished the two campaigns of C&C 4 recently and I must say that I am massively disappointed.The two endings are horrible,the gameplay is repetitive ,the campaigns are short and there is a unit cap in every mode.I am very sad to see the tiberium saga end this way.I feel EA decided the series wasn't making enough money so they decided to force the development team to bring out a game that was rushed and boring .I know it's common to criticise EA but for god sake they have earned the criticism.I am angered by the way EA treats the fans of their series.I will no longer recommend any EA games to friends and will immediately stop buying them.


this week

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It's gone pretty well so far.Getting C&C 4 tomorrow,should have BF BC 2 before end of month as well as JUST CAUSE 2 and GOD OF WAR 3.Have been playing their demos and they all were very fun.Will be getting my last result tomorrow from the mock exams,happy with most tests so far except for French and Irish,I feel I could have done better in them.


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Yay,my tests are over and they went great.Next is the real thing in summer.I can finally play my C&C games again,I wasn't allowed during the tests.I cant wait for C&C 4.I don't like the fact that they took out base building and resource gathering(although they kind of replaced it with something else,it's not the same)but after playing the beta I found the game enjoyable and it is the end of the story of kane.I have to know what happens.Ascension is real!

Third year

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Hi,I am doing my mock exams currently,it's going very well.But the hard tests are starting tomorrow,History,Business studies,Maths,French,German and Irish are all to come in the next week.I am very nervous about it all.The real thing will probably kill my nerves.My fingers are already getting sore.Anyway,if your reading this please wish me luck and if you're doing tests good luck to you.

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