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Research and Development

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Absolutely fantastic! For a short mod it really packs a punch! The incredible design of the levels really makes good entertainment. I used a walkthrough because the puzzles can really be hard. Great gameplay and good use of physics.Mr.Whirly was the best vehicle ever! The Antlion guard arena was fun! And the final battle against a strider was very well invented! Though a few problems with the barnacles happened i had to retry all the time. Because it uses so much good work i give it 10/10


The Citizen

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The voice acting was fine just not great. The battles were a little too hard. The use of advisors was interesting.... seeing how i used my rpg against one. Disguising as combine prooved to be a little weird. The ending is very peculiar. The use of no choppers is good because choppers are used a lot. Overall i give this 9/10 because of the very very small flaws. And you have done good use of level creating. Keep up the good work.



Mod review

Good mod for passing time! I just finished it. I found the zombine duo part a little confusing. The hunter battle did not look good for me ,but by using my revolver that problem was solved! Last battle was simple ,but good for a one-man modder! Few sounds in it and little story but worth the play!


Dear Esther

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Good game fantastic voice-acting and an incredible story!I really got to feel creeped out because of the houses and the silhouettes!I tried to look at the man standing at the bookshelf and saw he was a darkened citizen!Still the story tells it all!I really felt like i was stranded on an island!I got tired of hearing the flashlight noise all the time though. And it took some time getting around. But those few flaws are too small to actually ruin the game!Good job!

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