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The perspective on your god-rays is significantly off. All rays start at the point of light, and their edges are defined by drawing an imaginary line from this point, to, and through the corners of the shading object. Hopefully these will help explain it:

Not sure about the planet... more details aren't needed there. If I were to add something, it would be over on the right side where the image is pretty dull. I'm not so sure a planet in that location would be the best option though.

You added a black bar across the top of the image. This will look strange when turned into a HW2 background... there'll be a black dot at the very top view of the map. I suggest returning this part back to the second version.

Also, the black on the bottom of the image will seem like a giant pool of blackness underneith the player in-game. That doesn't have to be a bad thing, I guess, but I'd probably add a half-dozen stars down there. Note though, that this would be something done in the HW2 background creation tool, not in the image you import. Stars are actually rotating billboards, to make sure there's no perspective weirdness as you rotate the camera around.

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Danarogon Author

Ops =P i actualy made the work hand made so i didn't saw the light problem....i'll see that later...i made those black bars because wend i tested the previous i saw that there was a little white dot on the top and bottom, i tried all surts of things to "kill" those white dots, all have failed, so i made to black bars, wich i thought they weren't that bad, and i has you said the stars can be hadded later to fill the empty... and sorry has i said i am kinda realy noob on making sperical backgrounds XD (and hs i said before the planet iff not right can be deleted. i'll see some tutorial for how to make this kind of stuff, and wend i figure how to make them good i'll submit them =)

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I imagine photoshop has a 'object map' function. If so, you can map your image onto a sphere, and render various angles to see how it would warp and look like in HW2. It won't be perfect, of course (looking from the outside of a sphere instead of the inside view) but it'll help with imagining what a picture will look like in HW2.

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Ok this is the last version of this background...(planet can be erased) plz pouk just test this one just to see iff the size is right because i realy think it is not...
made whit photoshop

iff you don't see what the difference betewen this one and previous, i added some light coming out from the giant obelisk's holes, and a smal planet.

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