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I know, Construct isn't hard core compared to other dev kits but it makes the creative process flow together faster and easier than anything else I've ever touched. The only issue is being locked to the windows platform so far.

That being said, I never meant for this game to go public or even really be seen by the public eye other than a handful of other devs for testing. So I never though beyond the platform.

Anyhow, it's moving along so much faster than I thought it would. I thought I'd be struggling with building the 3d engine from scratch but I figured out a few little equasions that convert my 2D map into 3D! Now that I have this all figured out I'd love to do my next game with a 3D background but keep the 2D sprites (Strider 2 Arcade anyone?). I actually always wanted to see Capcom do a GNG title that way... but alas, they puked up something that looked like a ps1 reject on iphone and psp. Oh well.

Anyhow - once I started the shooter level I got more ideas for bonus rounds etc. The way Konami used to do back with Sunset Riders and The Simpsons Arcade. So many sprites to draw my head is spinning!

Anyhow back to the grind!


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