I play videogames, plain and simple, not much else needs to be said.

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I like playing battlefield 2 a lot when im on my computer, and also youtube, but thats only to look at BF2 vids lol, i log on to desura to check up on upcoming mods and addons, because i enjoy finding out what other people have made, i give promising looking mods a tryout, if i dont like them i uninstall........simple.

i also browse through the indie section from time to time, never know what might be on there, quite often there are some real good indie games out there, but you all probably already know that, im just saying is all.

when i am not on my computer, i am on my xbox, probably playing crysis 2, or skyrim, or gears 3, or viking, or human revolution, or any of the others i have, want to get ME3, sadly need money for that..........

and i guess i'll end it here, for anyone who actually bothered to read my inane rambling, thanks for being patient, maybe i'll write another one sometime, probably will knowing me, i'll write up any old junk lol.

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