Yea, I'm a big half-life fan. Love the story and the plot and stuff. Cant wait until episode 3. In the mean time, i want to make a mod. details below. i also like making videos with my frends and other people.

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We'll, i want to make a mod. I just need a team, and testers. I have an idea and everything. Of course, I won't give out the story... but I will give you a main idea. I want to keep what I'm revealing short and simple, so you have to figure out the rest of the story, just like games like Half- life (1 and 2) and Halo. So if i actually started making this mod, I would rarely update the story. I don't want to give out the plot after all...
You've spent 10 years in jail, since your capture during WWII. Yes, it has been 10 years since WWII, and this time, Nazis won the war. All you have are memories of the good times, a bed in concrete room, and a toilet just left of it. Everyday, its the same thing. Get up, get breakfast, go outside for recreation, eat lunch, go back to your cell, eat dinner, and go to sleep. Your fellow inmates only know you as "Foley", your WWII army name. There have been rumors of an uprising group known only as "the Free men" and their Classified attempts to free America, or what the Nazis call it, NAZCA. But if this group is successful, then they have work to do, because it is not only America that is under Nazi control, but the whole world. But your just a man whose age, history, and info is unknown to the prison and rest of the world itself. Nobody knows that your dad was a great soldier, and your mom was a caring and loving person. So, what use do you have to anybody else? After all, nobody on the outside really knows you...
The mod team would consist of a professional mapper, coder, texture creator, and great voice actors (I would need German voice actors for the German dialog by the way) . I'm sure there I would need more of a team, but I cant think of anything else right now. If you're interested, contact me. Oh and by the way. I'm a beginner model maker, so I might need some help from a professional or expert if they can offer it. Thanks

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