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Alright, so I've recently read an article from Rock, Paper, Shotgun ( in which it was revealed that a "A Game of Thrones" RPG was on the making. Being the big "A Song of Ice And Fire" enthusiast I am, I was initially thrilled. However I've perceived that, along with Cyanide Studios' other ASoIAF project, "A Game of Thrones - Genesis", an RTS currently scheduled for release in one week, there might be some small quality issues, most notably that awful scaling of Westeros' (the land in which the books, the series and the games events transpire) map, as it just seems too small. I mean, I respect the developer's idea of creating their own real-time map system, instead of using the Total War series'. Yup. That's right. If you want an example of what I'm talking about, imagine a map of Britain that you troops could cross, IN REAL-TIME, in less than a day. Now that I've let what is bugging me out, let me say that I appreciate Cyanide's effort into bringing George R.R. Martin's realistic medieval world into the gaming industry ('bout time if you ask me!), and they actually seem to be doing a fairly decent job on the brainstorming part of the game's design. For example, the RTS' game main concept is to show 1000 years of Westeros' history and THAT is no small task. I just hope they don't screw it up along the way. Now, on to the RPG:

There's really not much to be talk about it, particularly because there isn't much CONTENT of it yet, just an in-game image and a few concept arts. By what I've seen, though, I can tell that it's probably going to be set on The Wall (watchers of the series and readers of the book know what I'm talking about). So there you go. I hope I didn't bore you out with this. And I hope even more that Cyanide won't screw up a setting with so much potential. But then again, what could possibly go wrong?

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