I am known as Cylarne on Relicnews and many other places, but here on MOD DB, and Skype I am known as Lord Doofus, my preferred name as it is easy to change................ I am a developer for the Dawn of War game, and my mod is the Ultimate Apocalypse mod. I did A LOT with it. I am a coder, map maker, mod tester, AI developer, hex n' tex maker, FX maker, makes 2D images, voice act for units, make (poor quality) videos, scar code, create campaigns (with non lore related), GUI developer (expert at that), and finally I can make the "impossible" possible with super passionative thinking and enjoyment of developing games.

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When I first started the Apocalypse Mod back in the day, I was modding with my cousin, Krronus. Both of us were working on the Apocalypse Mod 1.19 back in the day and we were almost famous on DOW Filefront. From 1.0 upon Krronus's first release to version 1.58, we are now placed at the RelicNews forums where Krronus started his Apocalypse Mod thread, and 1.58 release was absolutely cool! Tyrantarmy6, our newest team member joined the Apocalypse Mod Team and then we were a team of THREE. With ideas being brought up from Tyrantarmy6, all new units, technology, the Warhound Titan, and a bunch of other stuff was introduced to the public. 1.58 was slightly bugged though, so Krronus released a 1.59. And from there, October 7, 2010, Krronus left the mod by force to join the military.

About 7 days later, I decided to take over Krronus's position and develop further, the Apocalypse Mod in Krronus's name! I created a new thread which is our homepage now, and a day later, a GREAT 3 member showed up to finish it as well. His talents were known as Cosmocrat. Cosmocrat is very skilled at moddeling, making new things in game. He fulfilled Krronus's dream in making the Doomsday Monolith best of all, and so then, I created the Doomsday Phalanx. Cosmocrat created the Doomsday Monolith, the Aeonic Orb, the Arka Cannon buildable, the Necron Super Generator, the Great Webway Assembly, Energy Beacons, Tau Hammerhead variants (including the heavy burst cannon, plasma cannon and fusion gun variants), new Boreale in Terminator Armor, the Revenant Titan, made some new textures for the Pylon, new texture for Bloodletter and Plague Bearer, created the XV9 Hazard Suit, XV202 Mako Titan, Imperial Guard walls with eagle texture, the Ork Stompa, the Ork Lifta Droppa, Imperial Reaver Titan (Mars Pattern), Tomb Stalker, Warlord Titan, the Void Dragon, and last but not least, the Triolith. Without Cosmocrat, there would be no point in me moving on from 1.62. All I would be able to do is insert FOK stuff, balance the mod a bit and maybe enhance the Kaurava campaign. Without Cosmocrat, there would be no true finish of the Apocalypse Mod, because there would be no Doomsday Monolith in the first place. Krronus's dream was to create the Doomsday Monolith, that's how the Apocalypse mod started, even though the Monolith was called the Necron Apocalypse Monolith back then.

So a few months after the 1.59 release. 1.6 was released and the crowd went unexpectedly wild. Many people have said that this was the best mod they have ever played, and it is so enjoyable that it brought many others to the attention of this mod, even if those people was never interested in DOW in the first place.

So now here we are at version 1.62.542. Hanov has taken over as Apocalypse Mod Public Release developer, and I shall fulfill everyone's dreams in the 2012 release, way beyond the public release. It is MY goal, and the Apocalypse Mod Team's finest hour. Long live The Apocalypse Mod 2012 release. Long live the new Demons race.

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This is an OLD blog of mine. How dare it get old!

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