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Stunt Rally

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Very promising game. Linux (AMD64 gentoo) version reviewed.

Graphics 8/10 after a lot of option tweaking. The default settings aren't great. Performance good at 1080p on Athlon X4 610 @ 3.2ghz and 460 GTX (40-60fps w/ FXAA). One of the nicer looking games available for linux after a little effort.

Physics 7/10. Physics seemed pretty zonky first run through with keyboard. After breaking out my old Thrustmaster pro feedback steering wheel and switching to cockpit view I do not think they're all that far off. The cars are still a little bit on the light side, but this is meant to be geared a little more toward stunt driving and drifting, so I'm alright with the controls. You can keep it between the lines if you don't go balls out everywhere. Some tweaking definitely should be done for keyboard users.

Sound 7/10. Not much sound outside of the motor, squeeling tires, metal smashing as you lose control, and splashing through water. Pretty much as it should be for a driving game.

Presentation 4/10. This is where the game needs a lot of polish. Did not see an option to enable AI opponents, even in the Championship mode. Various Championship modes kept crashing on me as I completed the first lap of the first race. Single races were very stable and I could lap around for hours. Too many 2D sprites in the game which looks corny. Some small items which you should be able to punt around will actually react to a collision like you hit a brick wall (road cones, road block sawhorses, etc.). Adding damage over time to the vehicle would be a nice addition. The cockpit views could use a little more love, such as functional side and rear-view mirrors.

I believe the basis for a good driving simulation is here. Hopefully the developers keep working at it.

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