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This game bleeds of dwarf fortress, but in a good way. I've never been a fan of towns, mainly because if I want to watch people starve to death I can just do it for free on national geographic's website. This game has quite a bit potential. As it stands now it feels like an archaic version of DF but with an interface!

I know I gave this game a 10/10 but I feel there's an issue that needs to eb addressed. The isometic point of view is great, don't get me wrong. yet, sometimes it seems tough to see over narrow corridors. Aside from that I expect to see all kinds of baddies, new professions, new invaders, and all kinds of fun to find in the belly of gnomoria.

I know all random seeds start off in a grassy plaines or rolling hillsides, but it couldn't hurt to start off in a volcanoe. Mixing up the environment is what DF does right. Mixing up the key features of DF is what Gnomoria does right. Hopefully, there will be vast amounts of content placed into this game.

It still rocks. Just can't wait to see what's down the lonely road ahead.

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