I am a mapper, composer, and coder. instaud.io/2iE1 - Rainbow (Music Sample) Just hit me up if you want to hire me, or just want to chat. Either one of those two I'll be fine with. I am on practically 24 7. So just drop mp on discord if ye a DM if you need anything.

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Best Half Life mod since EZ - MOTY Better be this one, Valve, hire this man!


Half-Life : Echoes

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Half-Life: Echoes is like enjoying the Half-Life games all over again, the amount of nostalgia and storytelling makes it just FEEL like a Valve game. James Cockburn is a man that likes to "Show, not tell."
which makes the overall story and game itself that much better. The reason I give this mod a nine, is because the enemy placement (headcrabs and zombies) are a bit "cheap," if you will. Overall I believe this mod DEFINITELY deserves MOTY.


JovanLanik's Half-Life Classic

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Very unoriginal concept. Genuinely just a waste of time because an actual Half Life: Beta or Alpha or whatever version you want already exists for free downloading. Genuinely brings nothing new to the table.


Half-Life 2: Unforeseen Circumstances Episode One

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Well, here goes my review for this mod.
I give this mod a genuine 4/10 and here is why.
On my first playthrough of the game I thought it was pretty amazing, but I realized many things.
1. You never loaded up the maps before release (I know this because there was the rebuiling node message.) Which leads me to believe there was little-to-no playtesting for this mod. Somethings just really irk me whenever I played through this. On your first level, the hills or cliffs have tops with unaligned and just weird textures, they have the same textures for the body of the cliff. I just got lost on the first level, there were literally no hints on where to go (lighting, signs, npcs, etc.) So I got lost messing around for about 10 minutes before I fell off the gate and realized I had to go through the water. Then, you only arming me with a gravity gun and making me fight a metrocop makes no sense whatsoever, so I just run past him and I see about 9 more combine soldiers and get instantly killed. So I had to BHOP past everyone, go to the end of the level and play through the next section. Again I got into a fight with only a gravity gun against more combine. I was lucky enough for the zombie to kill one so I could get his grenade and SMG, but if I have to rely on bugs in the game to progress, it isn't a good game. The tunnels have unaligned textures and a...brick wall for the ceiling? That doesn't make sense but I digress. Half way through the game there's an un-climbable ladder so I have to noclip. If you have to cheat to progress that is horrible level design. Another thing that saddens me and makes me dislike this mod and think you pulled it out of your *** is the just the amount of polishing and sense you put in mind while making this mod. It's very unpolished and the level design makes no sense, how is there two gravity guns in this mod when there's only one in the Half Life universe? How are you a rebel but has an HEV suit with HEV hands on the C_Weapon models? At least put some customization in this mod, or hire the talent that can do it. Whenever I save, my game crashes. That is another problem with this mod. I think this mod needs ALOT of work in order for it not to be another HDTF. As for now I say this mod isn't worth your time unless you enjoy playing random level packs.


Black Mesa: Opposing Force (classic)

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

A jumbled mess of addons. All i gotta say.

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