Well... Hello, I'm John, I'm 18, and I've always aspired to do some form of entertainment media. For a long time, I was undecided between films and gaming, but I've finally decided on gaming (about a year ago actually) due to the fact there is more room to place things, little tidbits, quality. A film is limited to 2 hours usually, and I just couldn't see myself being able to work within those sort of limitations. Thus, the interactivity and somewhat loose limits of gaming intrigued me. I'm currently actively partaking in a Game Design course through Mountwest Community and Technical Center (MCTC) in Huntington, WV. It kicks ass, and we're moving into our new campus in the Spring! I'm currently looking for a team to either start an indie project or begin modding with. Thus far, my skills are mostly in Mapping, although I'm looking to improve in all areas. I play music in my spare time, enjoy motorcycles, cars and mechanical things of all sorts.

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The way I see it, programming at all is tricky business. It takes a knowledge toolbag of sorts, as a basis you need a certain amount of ever-present things that you can link together like Legos and contort to your needs. These things go in your toolbag and you bring 'em out to tackle anything you might need to do. But it's not always so simple, cause I doubt you'd bring out the trusty nailgun to re-work kitchen sink plumbing...

Unrealscript is just something else though. Like going to the beach, you throw a pale in your bag and head off to build your magnificent sand castle. Without a beach for your castle to stand and depend on, you won't get a castle. But without your tools and own creative flair, nobody's going to like your Facebook pics of the same old sandy beach...

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