Well... Hello, I'm John, I'm 18, and I've always aspired to do some form of entertainment media. For a long time, I was undecided between films and gaming, but I've finally decided on gaming (about a year ago actually) due to the fact there is more room to place things, little tidbits, quality. A film is limited to 2 hours usually, and I just couldn't see myself being able to work within those sort of limitations. Thus, the interactivity and somewhat loose limits of gaming intrigued me. I'm currently actively partaking in a Game Design course through Mountwest Community and Technical Center (MCTC) in Huntington, WV. It kicks ass, and we're moving into our new campus in the Spring! I'm currently looking for a team to either start an indie project or begin modding with. Thus far, my skills are mostly in Mapping, although I'm looking to improve in all areas. I play music in my spare time, enjoy motorcycles, cars and mechanical things of all sorts.

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My first active day as an MCTC student was today. Man, it was badass... 11am was Intro to Gaming. Since its the first day, we had a whole introduction period where we got acquainted with the professor and discussed what exactly we would gain from the next two semesters, in this class... They're going to teach me Game Logic, how to develope, write out and build ideas, to use Adobe Flash and Actionscript... I actually in formed the professor and his colleague (whom were oblivious to its existence) of ModDB here. :D Overall, an awesome class full of awesome people.

Next was College 101. COL 101, for short, is now a forced class. Every MCTC/University student must have completed this class to graduate. Needless to say, to any of you who may know me even remotely, this didn't make me all that happy. The class pertains in no way whatsoever to any of my long-term Gaming Industry or Business Industry goals. Although, the people there were friendly as well and according to the professor's introductory speech, I'll learn how to make the right decisions and things of that nature... Don't really need that, I take good care of myself as is. But the class will also delve very in-depth, into studying skills and tips and tricks like that. Should definitely come in useful on down the road, especially in the next few years. On another negative, the class costs $170 + $50 for the book. On the positive, its basically a free 3 hours of credit. Easy shit...

Last, but not least... IT 101, Computer Fundementals. Awesome, awesome professor. I had trouble finding the classroom (or "assroom" as some hallway signs are modified to say xD) because some dick told me I was in the wrong classroom and I spent 20 minutes looking for IT 101, when I had the right room in the first place. But... It wasn't all bad. It's also an easy class... I'm going to learn to use email (lmao), Microsoft Word (still roflcoptering), Microsoft Excell, and Microsoft Access. Shouldn't be TOO hard, plus its also fairly full of awesome people and this cute Samantha chick who was sending me some looks :D I'll have to catch up with her on Wednesday ;)

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