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Announcement: My english is bad, so i apologize for the traduction. Sorry :(

Yes, yes and also yes, today now finally is released the mod Mcpoker, i'm playing this mod for 3 minutes and... is good, nothing bad is just...ok, there is a bugs but, that is not matter, i apologize to the creator of the mod (Mc.poker) for insulting, and yes, i'm helping him, so there is nothing to say, this is Mc.Poker.

Well, the first thing about of the mod is the intro, is just "MISSION MC.POKER - A EPIC MOD" (¡THAT IS FUCKING GREAT!), you start with a HEV, a pistol (GOLD pistol) and a crowbar, and you must to save "hot barney" (i laugh when i see that) and he need help to kill zombies, afther that, you see a scientist with a armory, you pick up and you go to the next area, now you must save the scientist or they go to the heaven (is make a animation like Superman), now, i have a complaint of this, because i'm trying to save all the scientist and the most part i save 2 scientist, ok, now there is 2 ways, and there is a part where can kill you, if you choose the left way, you see a scientist killed by a trap (if you walking into the scientist) but, if you choose the rigth way, there is a soldier and also more Armory (i forget, you choose that way, and now know the surface and consequences). You pick up, there is 3 headcrab in the wall, the easy way to kill them is put a box where are the headcrab and kill them with a grenade, you pass and you see a tentacle (is easy to evoid), now go to the corridor where are Alien slave and zombie, you kill them and pass to the other corridor (the textures are good) there is soldiers, now go pass to the corridor, there is 2 barnacles, and barney, get down to pass to the other place, now there is 2 barney, 3 headcrab and a segurity card (now is more zombies), now you are telestransporting to the XEN (poor scientist, is smashed by the door) after you kill the zombie and the Bullsquid you see a ball with 2 face, if you shoot the ball can make a animation to roll (shit, i forget for the Awesome music) , there is more weapons and more munition (¿why the scientist is half-underground?) and also says the humans take over the xen, they put the wearhouse on planet, and also make money to the GOLD Pistol (what, ¿the pistol was stolen?) and kill the humans and XEN, there is 2 Nihilanths waiting for kill you (obviously you can't kill it, so escape) now, be prepared for the final, is...to...how i can explain?, well, is too tragic, because, a scientist is saying Mcpoker is dying (yes, Mcpoker is dying, if you laugh... then you gone to HELL) that is the final, sad no?.

Well, now i gonna to evaluate this mod:

Models: 8.50

Sound: 10 (Because the music where is sound in the corridor)

Textures: 7.50 (are a little bad, i mean how is making, but the textures is ok)

Gameplay: 10

History: 9.50

I can't find another thing, but the result of the mod is:

8.50 Why? Because the mod is so few, is not large, and also in the final is a bug, you only see the place where you obviously gonna appear but no, you appear in the nothing, that why i put 8.50.

The next "Bonus Review" is Spawner, well, that is all for now, Goodbye.


There is no such thing as history

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i have to agree.i kinda like mission mcpoker....(im not bieng sarcastic)

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