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I am writer from Moscow, and my name is Alexander Krokhmal, author of the full fantasy universe. I am descendant of the Russian hero, my grandfather A.Rodnikov. My grandfather was greatest man in my own country. and all must know it.

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Hi all.

On the network I have come across completely different people in my time. Here is just one category I could never understand. It is completely unclear why some trolls in the process of network battles, in order to offend the interlocutor, go over not only to his own personality, but also to close relatives. This has happened to me more than once over the past year. Everyone has haters, but some of them sometimes cross the line. Everyone already knows that I am devoted to my grandfather, Alexander Rodnikov, and this year I was engaged in the “promotion” of his memory. I talked about him on the Internet, wrote many works about him, introduced people to his life. What can I say, my first book was dedicated to him. But no ... There were some, so to speak, people who decided to troll on this.

So I got all kinds of abominations from them on the subject of my grandfather. As I understand it, they just like it. Apparently, their life around them is empty and scary, and so they are striving to somehow get a portion of good mood, at least somehow and somewhere. But, as they say, someday they will run into a really good thrash if they find the wrong guys. On the advice of my good friend Vadim K., I had already stopped paying attention to such deeds, although earlier I wanted to execute such downs personally, or to open the hunting season for them from legal organizations. But without a doubt it’s worth saying that someday these guys will insult the relatives of the wrong guy, and they’ll earn themselves serious problems that they will beg forgiveness on their knees. But will the “wrong guy” forgive them or not ?! That is the right question for these people. All such gopniks sooner or later find a predator so strong that it swallows them immediately completely and completely.

Well, I talked about bad people ... And as for the good ones. It is better to pay attention exclusively to them, to these very good people. I already wrote articles about my loyal network mates from Internetvars and Imperial. I’ll write more about Mark Chernenko, who has repeatedly helped me out of difficult situations. I have been familiar with this person since the year 2015, and by the way, he is also a writer and author of his fantasy universe. I will also mention a very trusted person, Askar Dadashev. He became, one might say, my first “global” reader in terms of fantasy. Spartak and Mikhail Rusich are also among my very first readers. (In Moddb i must say thanks to - Gambit1, Kekoulis, Ahrimansiah, LindaMcgill, GreenScorpion, Thudo, Seryy, DarkOne99, Eyaura, LaraCroft, SgtProf, ZmajOgnievuk, EvilIsador, LordCylarne, of course to Moddb admin Intense!, Unsociallobster, DanteEST, Karandras and other good people from this greatest community). I also express my gratitude to my administrators in VK clubs (and Moddb clubs), who worthily defend our positions, as well as to all other reliable comrades and partners. And it is thanks to these people that our banners fly high, and clubs still hold and prosper.


by the way, my sci-fi\fantasy universe is still going to game engines. See it in these threads.

and of course see my Livejournal Blog. -

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