I am writer and journalist from Moscow, and my name is Alexander Krokhmal, author of the full fantasy universe and also author (teamleader) of the "World of Infinitas" project (CnC Zero Hour and Warcraft III engines). --- Working in the company "Arguments of the week" in Russia. Also have decent base in the Imperial Russian community (biggest in my state forum of games, history and literature) and the Internetwars community. Imperial - is my main home and castle, where i started my artwork way.

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I advice you to see this thread in the link above and then read Chaos Crusade.


As you know I have 3 lines of my fantasy universe scenarios (its would be better to say this word)

First is Forgotten Stories - consist of Cursed Etherr and Bastards from Jamal. Stories about different planets and events there. They all have almost similar plots, but of course with some changes. Only line is almost similar.

Second is Universe 2596, when I described events in the end of 26 century. Mighty enemy, who called themselves as Yotuns, trying to destroy all humans in the many worlds. But soon new threats are appearing. Monstrous Alur`Mulkarr, experimental life form, then mystic Chicopotle with his army of robots, then Ataualp with the stealth tactics and horrible servants, and also Sala`Zarr with his ambitions and thoughts about changing universe. All this period is full of wars, terrible fights with Yotuns and their vassals and also meeting with new threats, which can be even more dangerous then others. Of course, many plots are concentrating on wars with Yotuns, the primary enemy of all life forms.

Third line I am starting now. Its have name Chaos Crusade. This line can be really non-ordinary or even strange, because I am planning stories with 2 different lines in the one event. Maybe you can`t understand it, but I will make you example. It means, that events in one story can be in different planets and heroes there can fight with also different enemies, but in the middle of story all heroes can be united and all threats simply can be connected with each other. To say more understandable, Chaos Crusade stories will have 2 lines in one plot. Another example - Mister X and his army trying to stop Mister Z, and in parallel plot line Mister Y is trying to save his home from the weapon of Mister J. And soon you understand the lines between these two events. Chaos Crusade will be full of battles and dangerous situations. I will realize it soon, when inspiration again come to me. I must say only one. Chaos Crusade line will continue the events after Universe 2596 and stories will be about the great conflict with mysterious Chaos Empire (or Undivided Potestas), which is trying to spread Dark Word to all universe. I think, its can be the most terrible threat in the all lines.

I hope, this information was useful.

Don`t forget to see Hot Donations Topic in Literature club soon.

Regards Alex

btw, if you want stories, send me message to my google e-mail or yandex (sanya.crohmal@yandex.ru)


I like idea of Chaos Crusades. Even name itself sounds badass. So by mentioning two lines you mean two plot lines led by two protagonists for each? And at some point they collide? That's amazing choice. Multiple protagonists in any story can be win-win.

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