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It is unfortunate to say that the generals 2 beta has been canceled and they are ceasing production, the article they posted stated that the reaction of the fans had lead them to the conclusion that this is not what they set out to create. The production has ceased and the intention now seems to be an eventual creation of another game in the hopes in might succeed better then their previous attempt. I myself wasn't able to get into the beta, and when you look at what happened to C&C 4 they were probably right to cancel, it is extremely disappointing to see C&C on such a down slope for so many years now, I can only hope that this realization by victory games will lead to a much better C&C experience. Nonetheless it is still pleasing to see the modding community doing so well with the golden classics of the franchise.

Generals 2

CommanderNG7 Blog

A little bit of an error on my part, I had missed the statement of the beta access and that is what early access means. I myself have registered for the beta and now awaiting the email, as much as this has been said to be generals 2 EA has seemed to drop that title and is simply going with Command & Conquer. I have watched multiple game-play and review videos that have had many different forms of praise for this game as it continues through its alpha stage. What I would like to see is some of the hardware specifications for this game as frostbite 2 is no 8-bit engine and in a strategy format would certainly make this game demanding for any computer. This game is constantly said to be Free2Play and with that an only multi-player experience as they said there would be no campaign, I myself hope that they will still have AI skirmish to play offline to have a safeguard against EA's previous crash with Sim City. I am also curious about how this franchise will continue through the different universes, especially with Tiberium as I know that ended with quite the disappearing act. It would be interesting to see if Victory will attempt to multi-platform as this series has done several time with the PlayStation 1 and current generation consoles. I hope very much that the series never takes a dive quite like Tiberium Twilight again. I would like to take this time to also clear up a few misconceptions I may have created and have had myself, I do know that Westwood had been an EA sub-company similar to Victory games and that EA had never sold the rights and at one point taken direct control over the series instead of being the publisher that it is now and used to be to those games. Now the game is scheduled to release this year and I hope to see the official announcement at E3 or sooner.

Early Access?

CommanderNG7 Blog

It appears that EA has again repackaged the C&C franchise, this time including all of the more recent titles. If they planned on doing this i wish it would've been sooner as i just replaced all of my individual discs for the entire first decade. Upgrading again doesn't seem a very logical step seeing that overall I own all but 2 of that collection. Also I am not willing to part with my bandwidth as the case says that there is no game disc included, all in all i think I'm going to avoid the ultimate collection. However the purchase of this game promises early access to Generals 2 again though there has been little announcement of what that entails and if there will be a beta at all, it may simply mean a demo. I believe I am going to wait and see if there will be more opportunities and what early access really is.


CommanderNG7 Blog

Sadly no news was released at E3 about Generals 2 and the release date is still planned on a 2013 release, with that I wonder if they plan to make it a console title as every developer is beginning, if not testing, producing the next generation of consoles. I realized I never posted the trailer for the game so I will be doing that soon. Even though E3 did not have much of anything on Generals 2 it still had many good games, and I am particularly excited for Star Wars 1313, Watch Dogs, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Another of Command & Conquer's projects has been the Tiberium Alliances browser game, which has received some success at being a Free 2 Play game and I think it is a pretty cool game, more violence and fighting then your average facebook game, I just can never remember to check it and always get destroyed. I'm going to try and see now that it's summer if I can update more.

New C&C

CommanderNG7 Blog

The next command and conquer game is now in creation and is scheduled for release in 2013 which for now is still a ways off. This next game will be the long awaited generals 2 and so far the game is only set to release for pc exclusive. Also the new command and conquer creators are a combination between EA and BioWare the acclaimed creators of the new Star Wars the Old Republic. Hopefully the next game will improve compared to EA's solo efforts on the franchise and take it out of the dark pit of C&C 4. I will look into the games development as it continues in its production.

Command and Conquer

CommanderNG7 Blog

I am happy that one of my favorite video game series is getting a reboot away from EA and to a new company, while EA did a decent job with Red Alert 3 and Tiberium Wars 3 it was definentally no Westwood. With what they did on Tiberium Twilight I thought the series was destoyed and the soul of it ripped out thrown into a pit by EA never to be seen again (a little dramatic I know). Now though there is good news another company picked up the series, this company is called Victory games (note: it is an EA sub-company however these are different developers, EA only owns the company). They are already talking about creating a new game, however not much information was released on it other than it is a C&C game and will be for the PC, I will contiue to check on the development and any leaked information regarding the game.

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