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I figured it was about time I got my blog on. I mean, come on, all the cool kids are doing it right? I love the idea of blogging; just not the majority of people who do it. By which I mean single women over 35 who are desperately attempting to find "Mr Right".

So, a little about my life at the moment. I'm working flat out. Between the Vietnam Conflict mod, and an insane amount of college work since its the end of my stay at my current institution, I find myself dead pretty much every night. I dont know why I bother with college work tbh; I already have an unconditional offer into university. In fact, for my final animation project, I have my character stick up a little cardboard sign to the examiner informing of that fact, and that for all I care he can jump off a cliff. Will be very interesting so see how that goes down, I always said I'd leave with a bang.

Next year, its off to the University of Hertfordshire to study 3D Games Art, which should be pretty cool. One of the reasons I'm doing Vietnam Conflict is because its great experience for me to have going into that course; that, and the fact that we all know that Vietnam always gets picked last during sports. Everybody thinks WW2 can run faster, or that Iraq has more skill, but it just ain't true ;) I also find it amusing that my previous allusion probably shot right over the head of most people reading this :)

We are entering the Golden Age of Company of Heroes modding. All the tools are there, the community members like Darkbladecr and Uccido are teaching what they know, and almost anything is now possible. Stay tuned for some great updates to Vietnam Conflict, we're hard at work to bring you some delicious new stuff. Good day for now, my fellow aluminums.

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Vietnam Conflict Development Team

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We are the development team for the Vietnam Conflict mod, for the PC game Company of Heroes. We as a group are dedicated to bringing the war in Vietnam...

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