My name is Salvatore Haran, I am a 16 year old writer who is in the process of finding a group of people who wish to make some amazing mods/games with me. I cannot program or anything, but writing stories, scenarios, characters, worlds is my game. I have written hundreds of pages and have millions of ideas swirling around.

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So today has been pretty awesome to say the least!
Today during my TV Production I Class me and my two friends Ashley and Marty formed a little writing group. To toss around ideas and stories to hear each others opinion and etc. We are also going to create out own story together. So hopefully that will turn out to be complete awesome!
In my science class I had an incredible idea for a little game. Where you play as a high school kid who is mega stressed and takes some weird drug and has to fight his imagination :3
When I got home I got my outfit for a little video I am doing based on Amnesia: The Dark Decent, I play Daniel. It is a PSA about gaming and the high light is Amnesia :D
Also Slicer224 is adding me as a writer and voice actor to work on his game that I believe is called Dragonblade Chronicles. But that is going to be incredibly fun!! I am getting some of my writing together for him to look over.

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