This is my bio about me.I love low polygons models because they are interesting and kinda love more low poly models then high poly.I just love low poly.My first game that i played on PlayStation 1 is Resident evil 3:Nemesis.In beggining of you are at the end of one street and you must get up on some box or car and go down then you will be surounded with zombies and you will go trought door left from you. My PS it wasnt better version of PS1.The story is interesting and zombies also.I never passed RE3:N but i finished Postal 2 for PC and many other games.Iam PS1 fan and not PS3 freak and thats good and i love PC and not MAC & Apple retards.I love to know how to run Dreamcast or Playstaton 1 emulator because i want to remeber old days.I want to model some weapon and that works in some game.For now i only can work in sketchup,i wantto learn to work with modeling tools.Please teach me. Iam a trekkie :) Go StarGate Down!!!

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