Coba Games is a start-up indie games development company located in Canberra, Australia. In our day jobs, we work as software developers. But our real passion was in what we spent most of our time doing outside of work…playing games. It has always been a dream for us to merge the two worlds and kick-start a games development company. So, fast forward a few years later and with a new addition of our kickass graphic designer and a bit of blood sweat and tears….we are finally here! With our first manga styled puzzle action game in the works, we are excited with what the future holds. Please support us!

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Road to cobagames part 2

...story continued from Road to cobagames part 1

We have sold a business (hunterhomes) and I have some idle time in hand (apart from full time day job) :). I had a working knowledge of Objective C and a live app in iTunes store. Next step was to learn games programming from scratch. All I knew was the term "OpenGL" is used for this. By all means, looks like I was never going to reach my goal ever. So I start Googling about game programming in Objective C. After searching for a while, I found a blog which described how to make array of sprites animate on the screen. Thanks to iCodeBlog I finally had an idea about how to make this happen. While this article was great to get the head around, I knew that there was a huge mountain to climb.


On searching further on the web, I came across an open source platform called "cocos2d for iPhone". This is where it all started. After reading about this platform, I realised that while the platform was great to start developing, in order to make a proper game of some kind, some (too much) reading is required. A book which can explain this platform in a proper framework sort of way. If we are getting into this business seriously, some kind of design and architecture is required around the development. Now the time was for Googling a bit further. After reading some posts and looking around, I came across this book called "Learning cocos2d". This is a highly recommended book for anyone who want their code to look pretty and designed properly using cocos2d platform. This book shows how to implement "MVC" (Model View Controller) pattern for cocos2d framework. This is where the interesting (and hard) bit started. Transition from web development to games programming was a journey I can never forget :)

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